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Israel: Homophobic Party Made Secret Blacklist Of LGBTQ Media Personalities


Party leader to be tasked with safeguarding Israel’s ‘national Jewish identity’ in incoming Netanyahu govt

The far-right Noam party compiled a blacklist of dozens of gay Israeli media professionals working in the news or entertainment industry, and another list of alleged “extreme leftist” women, a Hebrew-language outlet reported. The individuals on the list, in the faction’s conspiracy-inflected view, represent part of a “secret team” in a hidden war waged in the name of gender equality and and LGBTQ liberties.

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Noam is a virulently anti-LGBTQ party that secured a solitary parliamentary seat in Israel’s November election and struck a deal with prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu to support his next government. Its leader, Avi Maoz, is set to be tasked with safeguarding Israel’s “national Jewish identity” in the incoming government.

According to the Ynet site, whose reporters revealed the story, the purpose for the list’s compilation remains not entirely clear. All the media personalities on the list are openly gay, Ynet said without revealing their names; Thus there is no question of “outing” any closed individuals.

It is part of an internal document dating back from 2019, which appears to classify the alleged opponents of the party in the media and civil society. Another part of the document describes the “takeover” by “left” organizations and foundations of offices such as the Ministry of Education and that of Justice, according to the party.

Maoz already made statements to the effect that he will seek the cancellation of the annual Pride March in Jerusalem.

Outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Thursday denounced the far-right leanings of Netanyahu’s coalition partners, saying they posed a threat to Israeli democracy.

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