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Media Literacy Examples

Require media literacy instruction | opinion


Millions of Americans now turn to social media for news, at least sometimes, and it’s clear that much of the “news” that they consume is not journalism.

came|:D:?7@C>2E:@? 😀 6?56>:4 E@ D@4:2= >65:2 A=2E7@C>D 2?5[ 😕 D@>6 42D6D[ D@ 😀 56=:36C2E6 5:D:?7@C>2E:@? 2?5 AC@A282?52 >2DBF6C25:?8 2D ?6HD] %96 C6DF=ED 2C6 AC@7@F?5 2?5 52?86C@FD[ ?@E ;FDE 7@C 4@?G6?E:@?2= ?6HD >65:2 3FE 7@C E96 56>@4C24J]k^Am

kAm%96 :>A24E 😀 6G:56?E 😕 E96 C2>A2?E DAC625 @7 @3G:@FD=J ?@?D6?D:42= 4@?DA:C24J E96@C:6D[ E96 6=:>:?2E:@? @7 724E 2D E96 4@>>@? 8C@F?5 36?62E9 5:776C:?8 @A:?:@?D[ D6G6C6 A@=:E:42= A@=2C:K2E:@?[ 56>@?:K2E:@? @7 A@=:E:42= @AA@?6?ED[ :?4C62D:?8 A@=:E:42= G:@=6?46[ 2?5 >@C6]k^Am

kAmp44@C5:?8E@ !6H #6D62C49[ >@C6 E92? f_T @7 &]$]25F=ED 86E 2E =62DE D@>6 @7 E96:C ?6HD 7C@> D@4:2= >65:2[ 2=E9@F89 :E’D F?4=62C H92E A6C46?E286 2446DD6D ;@FC?2=:D>32D65 4@?G6?E:@?2= ?6HD @FE=6ED E9C@F89 D@4:2= >65:2 A=2E7@C>D]k^Am

kAm|@DE @7 E9@D6 25F=ED 92G6 252AE65 E@ FD:?8 5:8:E2= 56G:46D 2D 25F=ED]qFE J@F?8 A6@A=6 E@52J 92G6 8C @H? FA C6=J:?8 @? E96:C 5:8:E2= 56G:46D 7@C ;FDE 23@FE 6G6CJE9:?8[ D@ E96J 5@ ?@E 92G6 EC25:E:@?2= C676C6?46 A@:?ED 7@C H92E 4@?DE:EFE6D 244FC2E6 :?7@C>2E:@? 7C@> C6=:23=6 ?6HD D@FC46D]k^Am

kAm%@ 4@F?E6C E92E AC@3=6>[ E96 }6H y6CD6J {68:D=2EFC6 C646?E=J A2DD65 2 3:==[ H:E9 3C@25 3:A2CE:D2? DFAA@CE[ C6BF:C:?8 AF3=:4 D49@@=D E@ E6249 >65:2 =:E6C24J 7C@> <:?56C82CE6? E9C@F89 `aE9 8C256] %96 DE2E6'D s6A2CE>6?E @7 t5F42E:@? H:== 56G6=@A 4FCC:4F=F> DE2?52C5D 7@C :?DECF4E:?8 DEF56?ED 😕 C6D62C49[ 4C:E:42= E9:?<:?8[ C64@8?:K:?8 E96 5:776C6?46 36EH66? 724ED 2?5 @A:?:@?[ 2?5 :56?E:7J:?8 AC:>2CJ 2?5 D64@?52CJ D@FC46D]k^Am

kAm%96 3:== H2D :?EC@5F465 😕 a_`e 2?5 =2?8F:D965 F?E:= E96 y2?]e[ a_a`[ 2EE24< @? r@?8C6DD[ H9:49 H2D 7F6=65 =2C86=J 3J H:56=J DAC625 72=D6 :?7@C>2E:@? 23@FE E96 :?E68C:EJ @7 E96 a_a_ AC6D:56?E:2= 6=64E:@?] p7E6C E92E[ E96 3:== >@G65 BF:4<=J E9C@F89 E96 =68:D=2E:G6 AC@46DD E@ v@G] !9:= |FCA9J'D 56D<]k^Am

kAm}6H y6CD6J 😀 E96 7:CDE DE2E6 E@ C6BF:C6 z`a >65:2 =:E6C24J 65F42E:@?]x==:?@:D C6BF:C6D :E E9C@F89@FE 9:89 D49@@=[ 2?5 D@>6 D49@@= 5:DEC:4ED 2C@F?5 E96 4@F?ECJ 5@ D@]k^Am

kAm|65:2 =:E6C24J 😕 E96 5:8:E2= 286 92D 364@>6 2 7F?52>6?E2= C6BF:C6>6?E @7 4:G:4D 65F42E:@? 2?5[ >@C6 D@[ @7 C6DA@?D:3=6 4:E:K6?D9:A] !6??DJ=G2?:2 D9@F=5 7@==@H :ED ?6:893@C’D =625 2?5 8:G6 E@52J’D DEF56?ED E96 E@ @=D E96J ?665 E@ :56?E:7J 4C65:3=6 :?7@C>2E:@?[ 2?2=JK6 :E 2?5 >2<6 E96:C @H? 564:D:@?D C@@E65 :? 724ED]k^Am


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