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Here’s how to make an impression on your millennial customers


By Ashish K. Tripathi

Millennials were the first generation to use the internet. People born between 1981 and 1996 primarily use search engines to find the information they require. According to a survey, Google searches are the source of nearly 90% of millennials’ online experiences. As a result, millennials are an excellent demographic to target with SEO. The following characteristics should be associated with millennials:

  • They are keyword-driven, which means they look for specific, brief terms
  • They are more likely to believe that a highly ranked website indicates a company’s dependability and reliability
  • Frequently use mobile devices to access internet information, such as aesthetically pleasing web designs
  • Check email frequently
  • Use social media frequently
  • Look for video content on a regular basis

Despite being less reliant on technology than Generation Z, this generation prioritizes technology. Millennials place a high value on SEO because they frequently use search engine results to find the information they seek.

They, like previous generations, use email and social media sites more frequently. Millennials were the first generation to use mobile phones to access the internet and watch videos, though not as frequently as Gen Z.

You’ll need a strategy that connects various marketing channels and content types to promote them. Create a social media presence, post videos, send marketing emails, and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Why should you use SEO to reach out to millennials?

The statistics below reveal typical millennial traits and consumer behavior:

  • According to one study, more than 90% of internet experiences start with a Google search.
  • This year, more than nine out of ten Millennials (93% of those aged 23 to 38) own a smartphone.
    For millennials, search engines are the “go-to” place for almost everything:
  • 23% of millennials read 5 to 10 hours of information online each week.
  • SEO is without a doubt the best option for brands when it comes to connecting with millennial consumers. When conducting Internet searches, 65% of smartphone users, regardless of the brand or business that provides them, look for the most relevant information.
  • SEO is the most effective way to increase brand awareness among millennials.
  • Improved search engine rankings boost credibility, trust, and brand recall.
  • Search engine users convert more frequently than social media users. Local searches result in 61% of purchases, and 72% of those who conduct them visit local businesses.
    Developing efficient SEO strategies for millennials

Be present in both places at the same time:

To be found and remembered, you must be present everywhere you go, including both online and offline platforms. Engage millennials by posting SEO-optimized content on popular channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, emails, blogs, and others. Determine which platform is preferred by each age group to develop a better content strategy.

For example, millennials are big fans of Facebook and Instagram. According to research, these should be the top two social media sites to use when marketing to people under the age of 35. Furthermore, studies show that LinkedIn may help you reach more male millennials than Twitter because LinkedIn uses short hashtags and phrases creatively.

Achieving top rankings on Google or other search engine pages by default can attract the millennial generation, and consistent branding and link development can draw attention to your brand website.

The author is the co-founder and managing director of Auburn Digital Solutions

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