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Independence group urges resistance – Taipei Times


China seeks to ensure that a pro-China party with close links to Beijing wins the 2024 elections, the United Formosans for Independence head said

  • By Jason Pan / Staff reporter

Taiwanese should act to “resist China and protect Taiwan” after the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) weaker-than-expected showing in the local elections on Saturday last week, the World United Formosans for Independence said yesterday.

China’s infiltration of and information warfare against Taiwan would not cease after the DPP’s historic election defeat, group chairman Chen Nan-tien (陳南天) said in a statement.

China might instead increase its efforts to divide Taiwanese society, Chen said, adding that it would likely use proxies in Taiwan to increase its political and financial influence in the nation.

China’s campaign would likely focus on traditional news media, social media, news web sites and messaging apps, Chen said.

“China and its agents have infiltrated all these sectors in Taiwan to create social division and vilify pro-Taiwan political forces,” Chen said.

China’s main aim is to remove the governing party in the 2024 elections and bring a pro-China party with close links to Beijing back into power, he said.

After its losses in the local elections, the DPP has “to make the changes that are necessary,” he said.

Taiwanese must remember that China and pro-China forces in Taiwan are promoting the idea that it is futile to resist China, he said, adding that these forces seek to lay the groundwork for China’s military takeover of the nation.

They seek to obscure the distinction between the nation and its enemy, he added.

China seeks to depoliticize Taiwanese society by bringing to the fore the “dirty aspects” of politics, he said.

China wants Taiwanese to be disinterested in public affairs, Chen added.

It might not be in the DNA of Taiwanese to resist China and protect their nation, but they still have the determination to defend Taiwan from the enemy, he said.

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is downplaying the risk of a Chinese attack, Chen said, adding that KMT officials did not do much to condemn Chinese drills around Taiwan in August.

The KMT advocates for the surrender of Taiwan, Chen said, referring to a trip to China by KMT Vice Chairman Andrew Hsia (夏立言) shortly after the Chinese drills.

Hsia was “begging for mercy,” Chen said.

The KMT regards the slogan “resist China, protect Taiwan” as a provocation, Chen said, calling that characterization “absurd.”

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