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A World Cup of memes, fake news and propaganda in the post truth world


So, as said earlier, this power comes with disastrous consequences. In the guise of fun and spreading our belief and support we may disseminate unnecessary hatred and lies. The result may be unimaginably horrible.

Social media was taken back recently with an image of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, most popular and arguably the best footballers, posing for an advertisement together. They spread the words of friendship and respect.

One may easily see the resemblance with the football match. Players fight to win but whatever is the result, they are expected to shake hands and even share jokes and exchange shirts.

Unfortunately, the staunch followers often forget this grand narrative. They seem to incense with the enmity and damages the respect of one-self and others. As mentioned above, it may bring even more harrowing ordeals.

Indeed, the global politics, the uneasy situation of the Qatar World Cup will create an extremely difficult situation for one to hold the temper, even sanity. But, as Buddha said, when you want to throw a burning coal to other the first thing you burn is your own hand.

The World Cup of memes will be an outstanding opportunity to color our otherwise dull life. The next one month will give us the chance to indulge in fun and excitement to forget our plights and despairs.

Let us make innumerable memes, let us banter each other to the fullest. But beware not to burn and burn out.


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