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Media Literacy

Students learn about media literacy during Media Maker Boot Camp | Money


Students learned about media literacy during a three-week Media Maker Boot Camp sponsored by PBS Guam KGTF Channel 12, the Office of the Governor of Guam, Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center and the Guam International Film Festival.

The program taught students the fundamentals of media communication, from copywriting to video production, according to a PBS Guam news release.

The program began with media literacy instruction and group activities to help students learn to recognize and understand how media messaging influences everyday decision-making. Then students focused on creating their own media messages with the technical help of PBS Guam and GIFF.

“Our work at PBS doesn’t stop at TV programming,” General Manager Ina V. Carillo said in the news release. “We have been working within the community to enhance and enrich our island’s people through not only TV and other multi-media platforms, but through entertainment and education as well.”

The students are now more aware of media influences around them, according to Guam Behavioral Health Director Theresa Arriola.

“Media literacy is a key skill for our island youths, especially with the amount of media messages that they are bombarded with in their day-to-day, throughout their environment, on social media or even during conversations with their peers,” she said .


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