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MCPP announces launch of the Mississippi Leadership Academy | Mississippi Politics and News


The six-part program is designed to equip college student leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective change-agents in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy (MCPP) has announced the launch of the Mississippi Leadership Academy, a six-part program designed to equip college student leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective change-agents in our state.

“Mississippi needs change if we are to stop being 50th out of 50,” MCPP CEO and President Douglas Carswell said. “Our Leadership Academy aims to help us achieve policy change by supporting future leaders for our state. We have put together an exciting program that introduces participants to the key challenges we face.”

“We bring what you might call ‘tomorrow’s leaders’ into contact with ‘today’s leaders,'” Carswell said.

The program will include lessons on the basics of the lawmaking process, free markets, media management, the defense of liberty, especially on college campuses, as well as the unique challenges that Mississippi faces as a state, each taught by a speaker with expertise in the area.

“Upon graduation, students will have made connections with student peers, as well as our states’ preeminent thought leaders, and will graduate better prepared to defend American principles, enter the workforce, and lead,” MCPP said.

The MCPP President said that policy experts, leading academics, opinion formers, and state officials, including State Auditor Shad White, will be leading seminars.

“I’m excited to welcome the participants of MCPP’s Leadership Academy. We need more engaged young people who understand the policymaking process and who will stand up for conservative values ​​in Mississippi,” Auditor White said. “This is a great opportunity to help those young folks develop the skills they need to effect change and usher in Mississippi’s bright future.”

The program will take place in Jackson, at the office of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, meeting once a month over a seven-month period.

Applications for the Mississippi Leadership Academy open July 19th, 2022 for the 2022-2023 class. Students can apply for the academy at mspolicy.org/leadership-academy.


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