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Best Dating Sites for Serious Relationships And Love In 2022


So many people these days are looking for a soulmate online, which means there are tons of prospects on the internet for anyone looking for love in that direction. The best dating sites offer tons of features that will help you to find that special someone, but which is the dating website you should use?

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose one that will offer everything you need and, most importantly, help you connect with that special someone who will complete you. We are looking at the very best dating websites and comparing the best dating apps 2022 has to offer to give you some choices. Maybe you can figure out which one would be right for you just by reading our reviews. Here is a quick snapshot of the dating sites we will be looking at before we go in depth with them.

Best Online Dating Sites

1. eHarmony – The largest selection and best at developing deep connections

2. Elite Singles – The best at connecting educated singles

3. Silver Singles – The best at connecting seniors for real relationships

4. Zoosk – The best at offering international matches

5. Christian Mingle – The best for making a connection with a Christian

6. Jdate – The best for connecting with a Jewish single

#1. eHarmony – The Biggest Dating Site on the Web


You have heard about eHarmony before, as has anyone who knows anything about dating sites. It’s massively popular, and that’s partly due to their extensive advertising campaigns over the years. Who hasn’t seen an eHarmony ad before and thought that they were the biggest and best of the many dating websites? Just because they are the largest outside of free online dating sites, does that also mean they are the best? Let’s talk about this service.

How Does eHarmony Work?

There are so many members on eHarmony that you are bound to find a match at some point. What you might not expect is how long it takes to find matches. We know of people who signed up and didn’t get any matches in the first week. That’s due to the complex search algorithm that eHarmony uses, and it is among the best of all the dating sites.

You see, when you sign up for this site, you will have to fill out a detailed questionnaire. You will be answering all sorts of questions about your personal life, and that’s par for the course for online dating sites. What might take you by surprise is how lengthy the questionnaire is. There are few dating websites that use sign up forms that are so long. That’s because eHarmony has to input all of that information into a formula that helps them connect two people together.

They are one of the top dating sites because they advertise deep and meaningful connections. You are getting more than just a fling with them, and that’s what makes them stand out from something like Tinder or other hookup sites. The best dating apps for relationships are going to have to take their time and match people on multiple categories. Where some of the top dating apps only look at location, age, or one or two other superficial aspects, eHarmony is diving deep to find a strong level of compatibility between two people. That’s how they can help create long lasting relationships through their matchmaking service.

How Expensive Is eHarmony?

Since eHarmony is so big and considered one of the best dating apps 2022 has to offer, what do you think you will pay for membership there? You can start off for nothing, signing up and enjoying the top free dating site in USA, but you won’t get very far. Most of the features the site offers are locked behind a paywall. A lot of dating sites do this to advertise themselves as free dating apps, but you only get to use a very limited set of features for free.

The monthly rate for eHarmony is $5 a month, which is pretty high, but of course you can pay less if you sign up for more than one month at a time. They want you to enroll in a multi-month plan, for 3, 6 or 12 months, and eHarmony is willing to offer you a lower monthly rate if you choose one of those. The biggest savings are reserved for the largest commitment.

If you are willing to give them a try, you can start out with a free trial and then go from there, if you are happy with what you see.

⇒ Sign Up and Experiment eHarmony for Free!

#2. Elite Singles – A Great Place to Meet Educated, Career-Minded People

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 8.45.50 AM.png


Have you ever been out on a date with someone and thought to yourself that you could do better than going out with them? Elite Singles is designed to connect you with people who are well educated or professional (or both). It’s one of the few dating websites where you will find that most of the people on there are college graduates. If you start looking through user profiles on this site, you may find that many of them are lawyers, doctors, business owners, and other professionals. They may not have it all figured out, but they are definitely well on their way to being stable and secure in life.

How Does Elite Singles Work?

A lot of free dating sites offer plenty of matches, many of which are of questionable quality. We are looking at you, Tinder. Elite Singles won’t have as many matches as some of the other big dating websites, but the aim with this site is quality over quantity. You can connect with people who are motivated and successful like yourself, and that should help to sidestep a lot of the common fights in relationships over topics like work and money.

The signup process is definitely in depth with this site. What makes it one of the best dating sites is that the system works hard to learn about you, asking lots of questions so that it can match you with someone else who is similar. Not only that, but the system is designed to weed out people who might not quite fit into the site and wouldn’t have the proper qualifications to be considered well educated or professional.

How Expensive Is Elite Singles?

Elite Singles will cost you about $40 a month, if you sign up for one month at a time. You can save money on this and other dating sites if you sign up for multiple months at once. Like all the best dating sites, there is a free trial available to test out the site, for anyone interested in just looking at free dating websites.

The question is whether this site is worth the money, since it costs more than most. We would say “yes” if you are interested in narrowing down the field of potential matches to people who are well educated or who are serious about their career. After all, if they can be serious about their job, they may be mature enough to handle a real relationship.

If you are tired of wasting your time on free dating sites and repeatedly not having your expectations to be met, then it may be time to try Elite Singles.

⇒ Sign Up and Experiment Elite Singles for Free!

#3. Silver Singles – Best Dating Site to Connect with other Seniors

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 8.45.57 AM.png


If you are fed up with matching with people who aren’t very mature or who aren’t in the same age group as you, it may be worth your time to check out one of the best dating websites for seniors- Silver Singles.

There are some online dating sites geared toward older people, but not many. Those that are out there aren’t all great quality sites either, and lots of scammers manage to sneak their way in. If you want to take a break from the so-so free dating websites and upgrade to something that’s proven and well regarded, then Silver Singles is waiting.

How Does Silver Singles Work?

The best online dating sites are made to be user friendly, and this one is right at the top when it comes of ease of access. The designers know that many seniors may struggle with dating apps and websites, so they have purposely designed the site to be very accessible for seniors and those who may not be tech savvy.

You will need to spend some time setting up a profile, though. The algorithm Silver Singles uses on the site is based on compatibility, so it needs a lot of information to make solid matches. The best online dating sites compare people based on many different qualities and not just a few superficial ones. That’s how the deepest connections are made. Expect to get a lot out of the work you put into your profile, though, as Silver Singles works very hard at finding good matches that lead to real relationships.

How Expensive Is Silver Singles?

Free online dating sites are few are far between, especially good ones. If you want something worthwhile, then you probably have to pay for it, and Silver Singles is worth the cost of membership. Expect to pay $27.95 each month for 12 months, keeping in mind that you cut your costs by signing up for a full year of membership. If you sign up for just three months, you will pay $40 a month. You can see why it pays to sign up for a long time, but you may want to test it out first and see if there is anything on the site for you first.

Try Silver Singles and start connecting with people your own age instead of wasting your time with immature people who just want flings.

⇒ Sign Up and Experiment Silver Singles for Free!

#4. Zoosk- Find a Meaningful Relationship from Anywhere in the World

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 8.46.05 AM.png


Let’s start off with Zoosk, which is one of the top online dating sites because of its extensive reach. It casts a net over the entire world, so when they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, you can find a lot of the available ones on Zoosk.

How Does Zoosk Work?

This dating website is designed to be quick and easy to get into. Membership doesn’t take long- you just need to fill out a short form, but you will have to sign up for a full, paid membership if you want to access all of the features. With Zoosk, you can enjoy the protection of a privacy system that keeps other users from contacting you directly at first. If they try to message you and show they are interested in you, then you will receive an email notification. If you accept their request, you get to chat directly with them, if you are apaid member.

The reason Zoosk has such a brief signup process is because it uses what is known as behavioral matchmaking. This means that its algorithm pays attention to how you are behaving on the site and find matches for you based on those actions.

How Expensive Is Zoosk?

This is probably the least expensive dating website that is also considered one of the best dating sites. You only need to pay $30 a month for a Zoosk membership, but if you sign up for more months of membership, you can enjoy bigger savings. If you are in the market for free dating sites, Zoosk does offer a free trial to start out with. You will have to upgrade to the paid membership, though, if you want to enjoy all of the features.

Are you ready to look for love without boundaries? Set your sites on Zoosk and try it out for free.

⇒ Sign Up and Experiment Zoosk for Free!

#5. Christian Mingle – Meet Christians Who Want a Meaningful Relationship

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 8.46.12 AM.png


If your Christian religion is an important part of your life, then you likely want someone who shares that spiritual side when you are looking for a soulmate. By having a significant other who shares your beliefs, you will be more likely to enjoy a longer-lasting, less stressful relationship. So many arguments are started by couples who don’t agree on religious beliefs. Pairings between Christians often result in very happy and enduring relationships, and even decades of marriage. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then stop wasting your time on dating sites that don’t factor in religion significantly. Try Christian Mingle and see what they have to offer.

How Does Christian Mingle Work?

As one of the best dating websites out there, Christian Mingle offers an in-depth matchmaking service that goes deeper than the surface level. You will need to fill out a registration form to get started, and you get to choose very specific religious details for your profile, like which branch of Christianity you belong to. You can pick what you are looking for in a mate as well, helping to decrease the chances of matching with someone who isn’t to your liking.

You might be tired of spending time on dating sites for singles looking for a deeper relationship and only finding people who don’t line up with your spiritual beliefs. If so, then Christian Mingles might be for you. There are plenty of people on the site who fall into different categories of Christianity, so your chances of finding someone who suits you is pretty good, especially since it is considered one of the best dating websites and has tons of members.

Once you are a member, you get access to features like chat rooms, direct messaging, and more. You could use it like free dating apps, though, and just make use of the free trial for a while, if you want.

How Expensive Is Christian Mingle?

One month will cost you $50, which is kind of pricey, especially when compared to the competition. You are paying for exclusive connections, though, narrowed down to just Christians, and that kind of matchmaking takes a lot for work and money to pull off successfully. You can spend less money on the site if you sign up for a longer period of time. The cheapest option overall is the $25-a-month plan that lasts for six months. That should be enough time for most people to find a decent match or few.

The expense is going to turn off some people, but you can look at international dating sites and free local dating sites and never find anything as comprehensive and focused as Christian Mingle for that particular crowd. You are paying for an advanced search algorithm, some of the most robust features for dating sites, and a filtered network of Christian singles. You can try it out for free trial and see if Christian Mingle is right for you.

⇒ Sign Up and Experiment Christian Mingle for Free!

#6. Jdate – The Number One Dating Site for Jewish Singles

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 8.46.20 AM.png


Jewish singles looking for deep relationships can have a hard time of it on free online dating sites. Even the best dating sites may make it difficult for them to find people of a like faith. Jdate is made to help connect Jewish singles with one another, filtering out all other types of people to offer a very focused dating site. This website is operated by the same group that runs Christian Mingle, and they have a whole bunch of faith-based dating sites that are very good at helping people connect with that special someone of the same faith.

How Jdate Works?

Out of all the dating sites for singles, not many specifically cater to the Jewish population. That’s a shame, but Jdate fills in the gap nicely, offering an extensive selection of features that make it much easier to find someone who has the same faith, even if they aren’t in the same area as you.

You’ll be matched based on a number of compatibility factors, after you fill out the profile and sign up for membership on the site. Jdate works off of a personality algorithm, creating matchmaking connections based on likes and dislikes, characteristics, and other relevant factors that can help people to easily form lasting bonds with one another.

Some of the best features of the site are its instant messaging function and its robust search engine. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding relevant matches once you sign up.

How Expensive Is Jdate?

Of course, signing up isn’t free. The best online dating sites all come with a monthly fee, and for Jdate, that would be a whopping $60 each month. If you sign up for a few months in a row, you can cut your costs, with the best deal belonging to the six-month membership. That will cost you about $20 a month while you are signed up for it.

This is definitely one of the more expensive online dating sites available, but that steep price tag might not be enough to dissuade a lot of people from trying it out. In fact, it hasn’t, because Jdate has a ton of members signed up right now. Where else are you going to meet Jewish singles on dating apps for women? Jdate provides a service that no other major dating site is offering, and that’s what makes it so appealing and one of our picks for the best dating site for serious relationships.

If you would like to give Jdate a try, you can take advantage of the free trial offer and then purchase a subscription later on.

⇒ Sign Up and Experiment Jdate for Free!

Best Online Dating Sites: FAQ

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 8.46.32 AM.png


How do I make sure I’m not being scammed on dating apps?

There are plenty of scammers out there that you have to watch out for on even the best dating apps. Many of the dating websites will try to keep out scammers and protect their members, but they can only do so much. There are some signs you can watch for to help you avoid being taken advantage of:

  • users who are quick to want to meet up in person
  • users who have no pictures posted to their profiles
  • users sending you links to websites outside the dating app
  • users wanting to take the conversation to other apps or dating services
  • users being pushy, demanding, or asking for personal information that will help them determine where you live
  • users asking for money
  • indications that the person is not who they say they are

Can I use free dating apps to find meaningful relationships?

Some of the best dating apps 2022 has to offer are free initially. Most of them will have a trial period that lets you test out the app and some of its features. However, the best dating apps require that you sign up for a membership plan. You have full access to all the features once you are a paying member, but you can play around with the dating website as a free member for a while. You probably won’t be able to message other users directly or use chat services on the site, but you should be able to browse profiles and get an idea for who is on the site and if any of them might be a good match for you.

Will I be able to get my money back from dating apps if I’m not happy with them?

There’s usually a trial period for even the best dating apps, even after you sign up for a paid membership. There may be a week or two in which you are allowed to request a full refund, if you’re not happy with the service. The rules about refunds and how large of a window you get before you lose the option to request a refund will vary from one dating site to another.

Can I really find a long-lasting relationship on dating apps?

Dating sites for women and the best dating apps for men are designed to help people connect with someone else in a deep and meaningful way. Many people use these apps in order to find that special someone they want to spend the rest of their life with. Some of the best free dating apps, or at least those that are free initially, like eHarmony and Christian Mingle, will advertise some of the successful relationships that have come out of using their service. Many people have used these kinds of dating websites and found true love. Some people have found their future spouse there and been married for many years, and you can read testimonies from people just like that on these sites. It proves that there is some hope for people who are looking for love online and that matchmaking services on dating sites for women and men can actually be successful.

Which are the best dating apps for relationships?

There are a ton of dating apps out there and websites that help people to find meaningful relationships, but each of them has their own pros and cons. The advantages to a site like eHarmony is that it has a ton of members, which means more potential matches. Of course, the advantage to something like Jdate or Christian Mingle is that these sites have a specific focus that helps you filter out a lot of the undesirable potential matches. Some sites have more features than others, and some of the dating websites have better prices than their competition. You’ll want to look at all of these factors and probably test out a few of them before you determine which one might be worth signing up as a member with.

Should I meet someone in person who I found online on dating apps?

There are a lot of safety concerns when it comes to using the best free dating sites and actually meeting someone for a date. You want to be really careful about who you’re meeting and where you’re meeting them. Keep in mind that they may not really be who they say they are, and their intentions might not be as pure as they seem to be in your online chat. Here are some tips you can use to keep yourself safe, if you’d like to meet someone in person for a date:

  • Set the meeting for a public place where you feel safe and secure.
  • Set the meeting at a time when there will be other people around and businesses will be open, which gives you options as to where you can go.
  • Consider bringing someone with you for backup and support, even if they’re not hanging out in your immediate vicinity.
  • Before meeting someone in person for the first time, it’s wise to talk to them on the phone and get a feel for their personality.
  • It’s not a bad idea to research someone online before meeting them in person, looking at their social media accounts and other information that’s available about them online.

Are any dating apps totally free of charge?

The best free dating sites that are most likely to get you a deep and meaningful relationship with someone will cost money. There’s a lot of work that goes into the matchmaking services they offer, as well as site monitoring and other benefits. However, there are some dating apps you can try that won’t cost you anything, including Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, to name a few. Just be aware that a lot of these are considered hookup sites rather than dating apps where you can develop a long-lasting relationship. Because that is their reputation, that’s what a lot of people have in mind when they come to these sites.

How long does it take to find a match on the best dating sites?

This is an answer that would be different for everybody, because a lot of the best online dating sites will use complex algorithms to help with matchmaking. If your search parameters are too detailed and specific, you may have trouble finding more than a couple matches a month. Some people just sign up on one of the dating sites for a single month and get frustrated when they don’t find many matches. That’s just how it is sometimes, and it may be worth it to sign up for a longer period, like six months or 12 months. This increases your chances of finding someone, and it lowers your overall cost. It’s not always wise to sign up for a month at a time, because that can cost a lot of money. Consider how specific your requirements are for finding the right person. If you are very picky and particular about who you go out with, you may want to sign up for several months at once to give yourself a real chance at finding the right person.

Final Thoughts

Not every date you go on will be a success, and not everyone you match up with on a dating website will be someone you’re going to want to spend the rest of your life with. You will probably have to put yourself out there a little bit and go through a few bad dates before you find the right person. However, dating websites open improve your success rate by matching you with people who are similar in certain ways. Give some of these a try and see if your success rate doesn’t improve compared to trying to find someone locally outside of the Internet.

Hopefully, our list of the best dating sites for finding love in 2022 will help you to find love this year.


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