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How native ads work in digital audio


Native audio ads

Let’s talk about how to create a native audio ad that fits right in with the playlist or podcast your target audience is listening to.

Listeners enjoy different music or podcasts depending on what they’re doing—the moments that matter throughout their day. There’s the “working out moment,” when people want to get their heart pumping during a HIIT session. There’s the “cooking moment” while a listener prepares their favorite comfort food at the end of a long week. And of course, there’s the “partying moment,” when people are looking for that perfect playlist to get their group in the groove. An effective native audio ad is all about creating something that will easily blend in with each of these scenarios.

GAIA Design is just one brand that’s utilized Ad Studio to match their ads with audience moments. In a campaign in 2020, they used Ad Studio’s contextual targeting to reach people working or studying from home with a timely message about improving their home space. “Our audience consumes this medium organically—music is personal and so is home design. They go hand-in-hand,” a representative for the brand said in an interview with Ad Studio. “The control, speed, and flexibility of the channel made sense for us.”

Native podcast ads

There are two ways to create a native podcast ad — either use the podcast host’s voice or hire a voice actor.

When the podcast host voices your ad, it feels more like another segment of the show rather than an abrupt jump to an advertisement—even if there’s an obvious ad break. This creates a more native experience.

Another option is to create an ad using a voice actor that has a similar vibe to the podcast. This is the route FRONTLINE chose to take, and we’re here for it. This ad fits in perfectly with pet-friendly podcasts, creating a cute ad break bound to make any animal lover go, “Awwww.”


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