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42% of Canadians get their news through social media: Study


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Canadians love getting their news — fake or not — through social media.

This is according to the Pew Research Center, which released a new study that shows out of 17 advanced countries, Canada ranks second only to South Korea when it comes to using social media for news.

About 27% of Canadians get their news information several times a day in contrast to 47% of South Koreans at the top of the list and 15% of Japanese at the bottom of the survey.

“Across countries, a global median of 42% say they use the internet to get news at least once a day (either once a day or several times a day). Another 20% go online less than once a day to get news and 35% say they never do so,” reads the survey released Thursday.

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The study also takes into account, 21 emerging and developing countries who are likely to use social media for news and found Lebanon as the most likely at 42% and Tanzania at the bottom at 8%.

Looking at the total of 38 countries listed in the survey, South Korea still ranks highest at 57% overall and Canada trailing next at 42%.

“Compared with internet use for news – where the relationship between national economic status and online news use is evident – ​​social media news use is not strongly related to country-level wealth. People in advanced economies (median of 36%) use social media daily for news at similar rates to those in emerging or developing economies (33%),” said the report.

“In almost all countries surveyed, people who are younger, are more highly educated and have a higher income are more likely than their counterparts to use social networking sites to get news daily,” it added.



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