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BJP Ministers and Social Media Users Share Misinformation and Propaganda Around India’s Evacuation Efforts in Ukraine


‘The Power of PM Modi, The Power of New India’

Some of the misleading claims had hyper-nationalistic undertones praising “Modi’s India” and criticising other countries for “not doing enough” for their citizens.

One such cartoon went viral on 3 March that showed PM Modi as bridge rescuing Indians from Ukraine, while citizens from the US, the UK and China were left stranded. Multiple BJP leaders with verified handles shared the graphic.

A day after the Naveen’s death, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine had issued two advisories, urging Indians to leave Kharkiv immediately.

This wasn’t tweeted by just some users on social media but again, it was shared in a very organised manner including by some news outlets.

This narrative had begun since the war started on 24 February.

A day after Russia started its “military operations”, BJP MP Hema Malini, addressed an election rally in Bareilly and said, “PM Modi was going to take part in Russia-Ukraine war to stop it. Everybody is requesting PM Modi to stop the war, because he commands so much global respect.”

While the social media posts celebrating the government’s achievements are bound to be made by party leaders, some of the claims made amplified the misleading narratives – directly or indirectly.


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