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Another poll shows Trump blocking Florida Gov. DeSantis’ route to White House | Florida News | tampa


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Photo via Ron DeSantis/Twitter

Another day brings another poll showing Gov. Ron DeSantis the first choice of Republican primary voters for president in 2024, but only if Donald Trump doesn’t stand in his way.

McLaughlin & Associates surveyed likely voters for the 2024 primary and the results were back-tracked with the company’s previous surveys.

The former president garnered 53% support as he was included in a larger group of potential 2024 candidates, while DeSantis rallied 13% for a distant second spot.

However, when the former president was eliminated from the question, Gov. DeSantis cited Donald Trump Jr. and former Vice President Mike Pence, both of whom have voted well in McLaughlin polls for months. At 26% in the January poll, DeSantis was eight points above the younger Trump and 14 points above the dwindling Pence. No other candidate had double-digit support.

Polls and pollsters continue to suggest that DeSantis could be the “fresh face” who can consolidate power against Trump. A poll reported by Florida Politics this week from the John Bolton Super PAC came with an analysis claiming that Trump is “unraveling” and his influence in the party will continue to grow.

These polls come amid increasing reports of tensions between Trump and DeSantis, including claims that it would be “too much to ask” for DeSantis to preemptively support another Trump term in 2024, as Trump laments a “boring” DeSantis .

Those on the Trump side of the divide are more willing to stoke the fires of discontent than DeSantis supporters seem to be.

On Wednesday, Lara Trump dismissed rumors of “bad blood” between Trump and DeSantis while hinting that the Florida governor may need “another opportunity” to demonstrate his support for Trump ahead of the 2024 election.

Trump aide Roger Stone, who challenged DeSantis for governor in 2022 by a third party, released a video the same day claiming the former president “needed to drag (DeSantis) the finish line against Democrat Andrew Gillum” in 2018.”

Meanwhile, Lt. gov. Jeanette Nuñez, during an appearance on Fox Business Channel Tuesday, dismissed reports of a split between Trump and DeSantis as “media obsession” and “fabricated hostility.”

The governor tries to avoid interesting quotes.

“Don’t take the bait and just move on. We need everyone united for a big red wave in 2022,” DeSantis said on the friendly Ruthless podcast last week.

This article first appeared on Florida Politics.


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