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Progressive groups launch a $ 1.5 million ad purchase to push Sinema onto Filibuster


A coalition of progressive organizations announced Monday the launch of a $ 1.5 million television advertising campaign aimed at the Democratic center senator. Kyrsten cinemaKyrsten SinemaHarris Says She Will Not Exonerate Senators From Suffrage, Obama Supports Biden’s Push To Change The Filibuster House To Vote On A Consolidated Electoral Law On Thursday, Pelosi MORE (Ariz.) For resisting filibuster reform and a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour.

Twenty groups from Arizona joined Just Democracy, a coalition of more than 40 “black and brown-led organizations” promoting democracy reform, and unveiled two powerful ads targeting Sinema.

At one point titled “Words,” an indigenous activist, an activist from the black community and a black pastor stand in front of the camera asking why Sinema is “standing by” and “allowing the Republican leaders to threaten our rights” during recordings from Sinema’s recent press conference with Sen. John CornynJohn CornynMcConnell will run for another term as leader despite Trump’s attacks (R-Texas) in Tucson, where Sinema has reiterated its opposition to the elimination of the filibuster, flashes on the screen.

Spokespeople for the ad argue that while Sinema has said the right to vote is fundamental to democracy, it fails to back up this rhetoric by advocating getting rid of the filibuster that Republicans p.1 was using For the People Act, will block. in the Senate this week.

“Those words are meaningless if you don’t support them,” said Pastor Reginald Walton, the civic leader for the African American Christian Clergy Coalition.

A black community activist identified as Channel Powe says “our franchise is under attack,” while Walton says that detaining the filibuster would “leave us suppressed by a Jim Crow relic” and deal with “political tricks, which have been used for years to block “comparing our rights.”

An indigenous activist identified as Allie Young says Sinema is doing the “dirty work” of Republicans by supporting their power to thwart electoral reform legislation.

Sinema and centrist Sen. Joe ManchinJoe ManchinHarris Says She Will Not “Release” Senators From Voting (DW.Va.) the Senate Democrats were most opposed to getting rid of the filibuster, which requires 60 votes to pass most of the laws.

The television spots will run across Arizona and urge Sinema to “keep their campaign promises, protect voting rights and stand up for the people of Arizona,” a coalition press release said.

The advertisements call on Sinema to support the abolition of the filibuster and to vote “yes” for the continuation of the “For the People” law, which promotes online and automatic voter registration, extends the possibilities of postal voting and reaffirms the commitment of Congress would restore the vote to the Rights Act and carry out other reforms.

Sinema is a co-sponsor of the For the People Act, which the Democrats are pushing to tackle dozen of laws passed by Republican lawmakers to restrict early voting and postal votes.

The bill will go to the Senate this week, but Republicans say they will block it with a filibuster.

The second ad, titled “Thumbs Down,” hits Sinema for voting against a federal minimum wage of $ 15 in March.

“Kyrsten Sinema lets us down. Instead of voting for a living wage, she chose to hurt those who need help most, “says the ad’s narrator as a montage of portraits of people of color followed by footage of Sinema’s Senate vote as she cast them plunged in, kneeling on her knees as she gestured thumb down.

Sinema is also hit by the complaint for missing the Senate vote to set up a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol on an empty Senate desk.

“While the GOP tries to silence our voices, they just stand there and instead support a Jim Crow relic,” says the narrator, briefly playing a clip from Sinema’s press conference with Cornyn earlier this month.

“You refuse to stay with us, Sen. Sinema. Why should we stand by you? ”Asks the narrator.

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