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Exclusive: Pro-Biden Group launches Hispanic advertising campaign


A political advocacy group created to support President BidenJoe BidenFDA Approves Second Rapid COVID-19 Test at Home Pentagon Awards 6.7 Million Domestic Production of Material Critical to Rapid COVID-19 Testing‘s Agenda launched an advertising campaign on Tuesday targeting Hispanic voters in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada.

The Building Back Better campaign invested $ 1 million in ads promoting Biden’s policies among Latino voters in key battlefield states.

The bilingual ads to appear on television, radio and the Internet will focus on Biden’s social policies, including health care and childcare, as well as the economy.

“The Build Back Better agenda is the biggest investment in working families in a generation,” said Mayra Macías, chief strategy officer, Building Back Together.

“From cutting health and childcare costs to making sure our families breathe clean air, this agenda will have a huge impact on Latino families across the country. In the coming weeks we will continue to communicate directly with the Latino community about how the Build Better Agenda will benefit them, ”added Macías.

All six ads feature Latinas sharing testimonials about how the Biden guidelines have improved their bottom line at work and at home.

A Spanish-language ad broadcast in Pennsylvania promotes the Biden government’s child tax break policy, which increases loan amounts, pays out monthly payments, and increases the number of families below the poverty line who are eligible for payments.

In the ad, a woman named Stephanie, from Philadelphia, describes the difficulty she had to work from home while homeschooling due to the pandemic.

“I used the child allowance to make sure I had health insurance for my daughter and that I had electricity and water at home,” says Stephanie in Spanish.

“Latinos have to keep fighting and fighting. Joe Biden helps our communities. If you need help, help is there, ”adds Stephanie.

The ads come as the Biden government faces its greatest political challenges since it took office.

Biden and his allies in Congress want to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill that the Senate has already approved, as well as a historic $ 3.5 trillion budget that would include many of the programs that fueled the government’s early momentum.

An English-language commercial in Arizona showed Christina, a single mother in Phoenix, who said the cost of childcare forced her to seek financial support from friends and family.

“The childcare guidelines that Joe Biden introduces help everyone, not just me,” Christina says in the ad.

Childcare is one of the most controversial additions to the $ 3.5 trillion budget, but it’s a central part of Biden’s proposal to expand the “human infrastructure”.

The ads also include some that focus on the economies to run in all three states and how the government’s human infrastructure proposals can help boost the economy.

Each ad is tailored to its condition, with different accents and dialects in Spanish. Stephanie, the Philadelphia mother, has a Puerto Rican accent, while Regina, a restaurant owner featured in an ad from Nevada, has a distinct Mexican accent.

The focus on economic and social messages is in line with historical trends among Hispanic voters who tend to prioritize health care, business, and education.


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