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Politicians have earned your distrust


Every day the government bombarded Americans with reasons not to trust it. It’s only been 616 days since the Trump administration announced “15 days to slow the spread”. From the fauci dance – no mask, one mask, double masks – to the airport chaos known as the Transportation Security Administration. If it is okay for travelers under 12 and over 75 to keep their shoes through airport security, then it is certainly okay for everyone. Americans are not stupid. Every time we are cheated, deceived, or directly lied to, trust in the government melts.

Case in point: President Biden’s speech in the Port of Baltimore on the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure plan, in which he said “this bill will reduce the cost of goods for consumers”. Spend more, prices go down? Unlikely. A few breaths later, “I’m going to get good paying union jobs – union. . . not $ 12 an hour, not $ 15 an hour – $ 45 an hour and more with good benefits. ”And that will somehow lower the cost of goods for consumers? Come on dude. Is Senator Joe Manchin the only one who understands the wage-price spiral? Inflation is “temporary,” we are told. Uh-huh. Meanwhile, some Californians are pumping gasoline for $ 5.

Mr. Biden also claims that the $ 1.75 trillion bill for the Reconciliation and Pig Festival – actually more than $ 4 trillion without any accounting gimmicks – “costs zero dollars.” The administration has to apply this new “equity” math that I keep hearing about. A third grader could see the deception. Are you wondering why Mr Biden has a 41% approval rating?

The White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki declared the chaotic withdrawal of the Afghans the “largest airlift in US history”. . . So no, I wouldn’t say this is anything but a success. ”It’s like saying that the Titanic was a success as the largest lifeboat operation in history.

The California government is becoming less trustworthy by the minute. It lifted most of the Covid restrictions in June based on 70% of adult Californians getting at least one vaccine dose, meaning you could go maskless at Trader Joe’s. By August, however, health officials who accused the Delta variant imposed mask requirements again in major California cities. Then, in October, the same health officials said the restrictions will be lifted when 80% are vaccinated. No problem, 80% of adults had a sting. But wait, the new target is 80% of the total population, including children under 12 who couldn’t be shot. Talk about moving the goalposts.

Senator Amy Klobuchar and others are after Facebook,

claims that its products are addicting. Maybe they are. But where is their outrage over other addicting products, especially tax-sparing government-sanctioned products like cannabis, alcohol, and gambling – aka weed, wine, and what’s the limit? The same social media scolding worries about Instagram’s teenage impact and body shaming, but by the time they ban Teen Vogue magazine and Victoria’s Secret ads, you know they don’t mean business.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe used a federal visa program to start an electric car company, GreenTech Automotive, with Hillary Clinton’s brother and was sued for fraud by Chinese investors in 2017. Mr McAuliffe was released from the lawsuit in 2018, but these Visa ventures are usually patchy. Did that disqualify him for public office? Apparently not. Educational politics, not candidate character, won the race for governors of Virginia.

Others are more subtle. Have you ever wondered why former media darling and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent Covid patients back to nursing homes instead of the Javits Center or the USNS Comfort hospital ship that President Trump sent? The Cuomo re-election campaign received more than $ 1 million from the Greater New York Hospital Association in 2018. Mr. Cuomo then increased Medicaid fees paid to nursing homes and hospitals. When the pandemic broke out, the same hospital association called for nursing homes to be forced to accept patients who tested positive for Covid-19. Then, when the number of deaths increased, the Cuomo administration did not report the number.

Electoral reform has resulted in unnecessary boycotts, and Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred was booed during the World Series in Atlanta for rescheduling the All-Star game out of town to protest Georgia’s electoral reforms. Somehow, voter ID is bad, but postal ballot papers are good for electoral integrity? That doesn’t even begin to make sense.

So what is the mindset of these trustworthy politicians? Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner is often listed as a businessman, but he was actually a political entrepreneur. Its two most successful investments, Nextel and Capital Cellular Corp., would not have existed without government bandwidth licenses. But now he seems to hate big tech. Despite heated hearings and debates over antitrust measures to break up Facebook and others, few bills have passed. “It’s nothing short of pathetic to be honest,” said Mr. Warner. In the face of all the buzz about Big Tech, Mr. Warner added, “It would be a pretty damning comment on Congress” if lawmakers “didn’t put a few items on the board.” Forget what’s right for business or for citizens, it’s just “dots on the board”. It’s all about her career, not yours. Trust me on it.

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Journal Editorial Report: But will America accept Biden’s argument that more government spending is the way to fix inflation? Image: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

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