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Ontario NDP and PCs are doing a commercial flash ahead of the elections before spending restrictions


TORONTO – Political ads will fill the air in Ontario for the next few weeks as parties pour millions of dollars into a flash of advertising ahead of the elections before spending limits go into effect next month.

Both the New Democrats and the Progressive Conservatives have slashed primary advertising in recent days, highlighting the strengths of their leaders and the weaknesses of the other party. The Liberals say theirs are on their way.

In early November, the parties are only allowed to spend one million dollars on advertising in the six months leading up to the election campaign until the June 2nd vote.

For the first time in its history, the NDP said it could rival the traditionally large ad purchases made by the other two parties.

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Campaign Director Michael Balagus said the party is using the $ 2 million it has raised so far this year on top of a large surplus from late last year. Ontario’s election-verified statements show net income for the year in excess of $ 6 million, compared with more than $ 5 million for the progressive Conservatives and more than $ 2 million for the Liberals.

“The very, very successful fundraising that we have been able to do – it has made it possible for us, for the first time in our history, to spend that kind of money at such an important time and at such a high level for the people of Ontario,” he said.

Balagus said the NDP expects to reach dollar for dollar with the Tories on this ad spend ahead of the elections

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“Our party has never been in such a strong financial position in its history,” he said.

“The bottom line is that in the past we’ve spent too much in elections and it hurt us. We’re not spending too much in this election. “

Most of the money will be spent comparing NDP leader Andrea Horwath with Prime Minister Doug Ford, Balagus said, highlighting Horwath personally and the party’s vision and progressive conservative record.

A smaller, digital ad purchase will attack liberal leader Steven Del Duca, he said. The NDP and Tory attack reports against Del Duca are similar, both using footage of him staring silently into the camera during a virtual press conference.

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The ads tie in Del Duca’s previous Liberal administration where he served as cabinet minister and remind voters of the issue of the high hydro bills that haunted the Liberals in their final months in power.

The other progressive conservative ads portray Ford as someone who always says “yes” while Horwath “says one thing and does the other”.

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When asked to explain the strategy behind their ads, a PC Party spokeswoman said: “Our ads speak for themselves”.

Christine McMillan, director of the Liberal Campaign, said her ads will focus on Del Duca’s “positive vision”.

“In the coming weeks we will be running ads highlighting forward-looking ideas that meet the needs of Ontario,” she said in a statement.

“The Ontario Liberal Party understands that people want to see a real plan for their future, not the sludge throwers that have become a staple of the NDP and the Conservative campaign

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