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These 20 ads were the most effective of 2020: Kantar | advertising


Kantar has announced the winners of its so-called Creative Effectiveness Awards for 2020. The list of the 20 most creative ads of the year wasn’t compiled by a jury, but rather through Kantars Link ad testing technique, which analyzed more than 10,000 ads on behalf of customers.

Publicis and Heineken have earned top honors with a US spot entitled “Cheers to All”, in which waiters and bartenders make false and gender-specific assumptions about who ordered a beer or who ordered a cocktail.

Two APAC plants made it into the top 20:

  • At 5 pm: ‘Delivery Rider Malaysia’ for Panadol Actifast from Gray Group Singapore, in which a rushed delivery driver asks: ‘Do I look like I have time for a headache?’

  • At 18: ‘The Fast and the Furious’ for EBay Australia by CHE Proximity, part of an amusing series in which two postal workers speculate about the contents of EBay packages passing through their facility (here are some other examples from the series).

The full list of links to most videos is shown below. Kantar also made a list of the five habits of highly effective advertisers, namely:

Be distinctive: Create the opportunity to be noticed and remembered in a world with a wealth of ads. Your ad isn’t just competing in its category. It competes with the world for attention. At least stand out from the category and ideally from any other advertisement.

Brand itself: Make sure the attention gained from the ad is in the service of the brand. Get your branding cues right. A surprising number of companies forget this basic rule.

To be significantly different: To gain market share or defend premium prices, you need to meet the functional, emotional and social needs of the consumers in the category AND demonstrate your uniqueness compared to the competition.

Triggering an Emotional Response: Making the viewer feel like they are gaining something wins ad engagement and bypasses the natural tendency to hide ads. It also has a positive impact on the brand’s emotional associations.

Talk to your consumer: Successful advertisers know they can get too close to their creative journey and lose perspective. Therefore, they listen to audience feedback during creative development.

The management consultancy is also available in an extended form as a download.


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