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Facebook’s new commercial narrated by Grace Jones celebrates “big ideas” and personalized ads


Facebook presents a new advertising campaign for TV, digital and audio that pays homage to small businesses and defends personalized advertising – with a small head start, thanks to voiceover support from legendary artist Grace Jones.

On Thursday, Facebook presented the first major marketing initiative under the leadership of the new Chief Marketing Officer Alex Schultz, who took over marketing for Facebook and Instagram last year. The campaign is titled “Good ideas deserve to be found” and takes up some familiar points that the social network has tried to convey to consumers, critics and regulators.

Facebook has been in a PR rut lately, and the latest campaign paints the picture of a cool company providing creative expression to a diverse audience while helping small businesses through troubled times. The campaign highlights the benefits of personalized ads made possible by Facebook’s ability to track internet activity and interests of billions of users.

In a 60-second version of the ad (below), Jones holds a self-talk, aided by a retro beat, in which the performer advocates the benefits of big ideas. “For any big idea that resonates,” says Jones. “There are so many more who never find their fame.”


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