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Facebook ban hits Trump where it hurts: news and money


Facebook’s decision doesn’t immediately hinder Mr Trump’s ability to raise funds – he still maintains control of a large number of supporter email addresses and phone numbers. But donation lists need to be constantly updated, and Facebook has proven to be a crucial place for Mr Trump to do that.

“He has the best fundraising list, but it will expire over time if you don’t add it back,” said Eric Wilson, a Republican digital strategist. “So in the absence of the ability to advertise on Facebook, they lose petitions to add to their email lists, polls, and so on – the tactics any campaign 365 has to use to really get their funds. ” -raising.”

Throughout 2020, the Trump campaign would run ads asking users to “take this SOCIALISM survey” or “wish Melania a happy birthday”. Donation from the ad.

In the past few days, Mr Trump’s operation has begun more aggressively texting supporters for cash – including a response to Facebook’s decision on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump’s team announced that they would post their thoughts on political developments on their own website and attempt to brand them as “Off Donald J. Trump’s desk.” But the power of Mr Trump’s social media announcements was their ability to quickly ricochet off the internet and into the streams of his supporters – something much more difficult to achieve while it was platform-less.

But even without Facebook, some Republican strategists are finding that Trump still owns one of the largest megaphones in the world, simply because of public interest in his plans that could mitigate the effects of the Facebook ban.

“I compare it to someone who has a sprained ankle,” said Tim Cameron, a Republican digital strategist. “It’s limping a bit and he won’t have the strength he would have to reach people on Facebook and other social platforms, but that certainly won’t stop him.”


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