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The Red Cross campaign highlights the value of donations rather than going through social media


In its latest appeal for donations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) highlighted the potential monetary value of social media responses to the Afghanistan crisis.

Wunderman Thompson’s React for Real campaign gathered data from people’s reactions on social media to the Afghan withdrawal and replaced it with what the aid money could have brought if it had been a dollar .

Wunderman Thompson launched the campaign by analyzing anonymous comments on social media from July to September 2021 and comparing them with the real-time needs of the ICRC in Afghanistan.

Inspired by the phrase “If I had a dollar every time …” the 60-second ad tells how 1,989,770 emoji posts with crying faces on #Afghancrisis 4,974 prostheses and 2,112,700 #Afghan with a heart Emoji post could have healed 216,280 wounds.

“We wanted to show how strong this collective concern for the lives of Afghans could be if we had a dollar for every social media contribution,” said Ewan Watson, head of campaigns, media and content at the ICRC.

The film was released to encourage people to support the ICRC’s work in Afghanistan at the beginning of winter. Faysal Abdul Malak, executive director of Wunderman Thompson’s UAE executive director, said the urgency of the campaign required the film to be produced quickly and on a tight budget.

“Despite the low production costs, the team used strong images and statements to leave a lasting impression on the viewer,” said Abdul Malak. “We have proven that emotional addressing doesn’t always have to be based on high expenses – it just takes a good idea, a passionate team and a brilliant customer that we all have in droves.”

Wunderman Thompson Dubai worked with teams in Sydney, Seattle, London and New York to bring this global ICRC film to life, which will be released in 17 countries in three languages.


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