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The REAL Scottish Politics: Another Better Together Broken Promise


THE conservative government of Boris Johnson is primarily characterized by its incompetence, its cruelty, its corruption and its chaos. However, in one way it is a role model for efficiency and that is in terms of the new ways it is driving Scotland.

Of course, Johnson and his grinning minions beat up everyone in the UK, the difference is that in Scotland not only do they not even have the fig leaf of a Democratic mandate granted by the desperately unfair post-first election electoral system used for the Westminster elections, but they additionally destroy the promises and promises they themselves have made to the people of this land to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom.

The latest example is another case of Scotland being ripped off by Brexit. During the EU referendum campaign in 2016, the Vote Leave campaign, headed by the grim face of Michael Gove, distributed a leaflet in Scotland that read: “Scotland sends more than £ 1.5 billion to Brussels every year.” It goes on to say, “That’s £ 30 million every week – enough to hire nearly 1,400 new nurses or build a state-of-the-art secondary school every week of the year … money for our priorities. We can invest in the NHS, build new schools and repair local roads. ”

We haven’t seen this alleged £ 1.5 billion gold mine that Michael Gove promised us, which is not really a surprise. If Michael Gove makes you a promise when asking for your vote, you are just as likely to see it as if you received an email from a Nigerian prince promising you a share of a multi-million pound legacy. The difference is that the Nigerian Prince’s promises mostly land straight in your spam folder, Michael Gove’s promises across the BBC and other media as if they were serious prospects in the real world.

Instead, we see Ireland receiving almost £ 1bn Holyrood between 2014 and 2020, £ 780m in structural funding from the EU. These were funds that the Scottish Parliament controlled and decided how to use. However, Scotland has only received £ 172million in the UK Government’s “Leveling Up” funding to date.

While the EU funds were paid directly to the Scottish Parliament, the lesser amount of Leveling Up funds received from Scotland is controlled and allocated by the Conservatives in Westminster, who pay it directly to the local authorities and bypass Holyrood entirely. The Conservatives have a track record of using these funds to spend in areas where they seek to increase their voting power.

Indeed, Scotland is being harmed in three ways. The Conservatives are ensuring that Scotland receives less funding than before, they are using those funds to undermine the decentralization regime and are also using them as a partisan campaign tool to bolster their own electoral support. Which only shows that the Johnson regime can be efficient when focused on it. Only Scotland, the Decentralization Agreement and Democratic Accountability that are losing is a hat trick for the Tories.

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