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Best influencer software from Wix – programming insider


Wix influencer software will help you get more followers and likes on your social media accounts and connect you with influencers who are ready to promote your brand.

Here are some software you can use.

OSI partner software

OSI partner software is a type of software that is easy to manage and market to your business. The advantages of this system are the ability to work for any company in any industry – you are not limited to one type of product. You can use this program for any type of product you want to promote – jewelry, clothing, home appliances, etc., which is more diverse. It also makes promoting it on social media using Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks ridiculously easy.

The OSI partner software is a great way to increase your sales. This allows you to provide affiliates with access to exclusive offers, software and mobile apps, contests, coupons and pricing plans that are only available to them. You will see an increase in profits due to the extra traffic you get from these loyal customers.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub is a new way for marketers to create an influencer marketing campaign. This software makes it possible to define the target audience, search for influencers in relation to the criteria, check their work performance and other indicators, all in one place. This helps find the required number of multiple assets at once and saves time communicating with each marketer.

The benefits are obvious – there is no longer any need to contact different bloggers separately or make sure they are available on days off or holidays. This software will save you hours!


MuseFind is a new breed of influencer marketing software that facilitates transactions between brands and participating MuseFinders. You can easily search, filter, and submit proposals for sponsored content from over 140 countries. Industry-leading intelligent contract technology ensures maximum transaction security and transparency.

Your opinion matters and the world’s most influential creatives want to work with you! Find a MuseWeaver with different levels of experience or an entire team to produce your next project – be it a TVC commercial for your latest product launch, a tutorial on using your SaaS products, or even training on products like Adobe Photoshop.


Carro is a toolkit designed to make influencer marketing easier. Carro enables marketers to analyze their customer relationships and segment them based on both demographic criteria and social media platforms, allowing insightful targeting of potential topics based on their impact on a particular user base.

Carro gives marketers access to a variety of tools to analyze engagements, optimize content, generate accurate reports, find top influencers in different niches, and reduce the cost per engagement while maximizing ROI. At Carroux, our mission is to help strategic marketers be more efficient and move from reactive to online advertising campaigns.

Viral loops

Viral Loops is an advertising platform that uses “Viral Engine” technology to advertise. to distribute Drum set laboratory through the social networks and websites of millions of third party content providers, such as YouTube channels, Facebook groups, hobby forums, and e-commerce sites.

The user-friendly software installs on your website or blog in minutes. Authorize with just a few clicks and get started – absolutely no programming knowledge is required!

The Viral Loops network includes more than 1 million non-competing individuals and blogs (affiliates) who share advertisements uploaded by our members for free on their personal digital properties.

Social seeder

Social Seeder is influencer marketing software that connects brands with influencers and optimizes advertising campaigns for social media.

Social Seeder helps marketers reach their audience by supporting optimal customer efficiency. They allow customers to target specific influencers based on demographics, location, area of ​​interest of the person, or even the type of device they are on. Let’s give an example! For example, let’s say you have a product that is aimed at women of your age group who enjoy skiing. Since there are fewer people who ski than other sports, you want them to find your product quickly. So look for women in their 20s who are interested in skiing and who buy social seeder software.


Enlistly is social media influencer marketing software that helps marketers find the right influencers, personalize their reach, and measure ROI. Learn more about how Enlistly can help you increase engagement with your content. Our comprehensive platform offers one-click search for trending influencers; automated email templates; personalized emails generated by our intelligent CRM engine; deep integrations with popular publishing tools like Hootsuite and WordPress; fully customizable email campaigns for all budgets, pre-selected packages that are explicitly tailored to customer needs. Businesses of all sizes use Enlistly’s analytics dashboard to track overall campaign performance on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Postpilot is a mobile “try and buy” service that specializes in influencer marketing. It helps brands find and partner with the best Wix influencers in their industry for Wix products, services, events, or content creation.

PostPilot’s Inspide process enables every customer to connect directly to the top 3% of creative professionals as quickly as possible. This community of creative content creators generates thousands of specific images, videos, and social media posts every month, freeing up the burden on brands so they can focus on their core business needs while increasing your bottom line. PostPilot uses proprietary technology that continuously monitors performance to ensure 100 percent accuracy for low customer retention rates and to optimize lead generation goals and meet high quality standards.


Everflow is behavioral email software that was named Best Influencer Software by Wix in 2017. It helps marketers and companies build long-term relationships with their customers by providing an easy way to send personalized emails to different customer base segments.

Everflow automates both reporting and distribution, saving you time collecting results from your campaigns. In the report dashboard you can see how many visits your campaign generated, how many clicks on links in each email were clicked, bounce rates for different newsletters or lists, how much money for sending an email campaign was issued – even which links worked best.

Octaplus partner

Octaplus is influencer software from Wix, an affiliate marketing platform for digital marketers and influencers.

Octaplus is affiliate marketing software that allows you to find and promote high quality products such as: Hunting bow laboratory from a dashboard. You can even create your product shop with everything on it! It gives your visitors and partners the best possible experience, including real-time product updates and notifications of commission reviews. It gives access to more than 2 million products from niche stores or offers sellers the entire inventory of Amazon in no time at all. Drive traffic to your website by setting up ads on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

In the past, marketers have found it difficult to get their message across. The internet has made this a lot easier by providing a platform accessible from any device and offering interactive content at the touch of a button. One of the best ways to capitalize on these technological changes is through influencer marketing, which uses customer referrals on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram posts with recognizable personalities with a large fan base. What do you think? Are you going to download this app to grow your following on social media? Comment on your thoughts below.


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