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Trump wants the Republican complaint in Ohio to be dropped for calling him an “idiot,” “harmful,” and “offensive,” the report said


Donald Trump is reportedly unhappy with an ad from Republicans criticizing Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance for his old comments against Trump for calling the former president an “idiot”, “harmful” and “offensive”.

The ad ran ahead of the Ohio Senate race and was designed to discredit Mr. Vance, a Conservative politician who was previously a staunch critic of the former president in the Republican primary.

It contained video clips with comments made by Mr. Vance in 2016, in which he attacked Mr. Trump by calling him an “idiot” and describing himself as “never a Trump guy.”

“Maybe I’ll have to hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton,” Vance said in another 2016 clip that was used in advertising.

The narrator in the ad asks: “Who is cheering the wrong team?”

“JD Vance is not on our team. I am Mike Gibbons. President Trump made America safer, stronger, and more prosperous than ever before. I am Mike Gibbons and I agree to this message because President Trump fought for you. I’ll do the same, ”said Mr. Gibbons, another candidate in the Republican primary, on the ad.

Trump didn’t want the ad to run, however, and last month called on Club for Growth President David McIntosh to remove it, according to a report by Politico quoting three people who spoke about the Matter have been informed.

Mr Trump fears the advertising could negatively impact his own popularity in Ohio, a state that voted for him in the 2020 presidential election.

While Mr. McIntosh, a close associate of the former president, assured him that he would look into the matter, the ad is still pending and the campaigns have received additional funding. The Club for Growth also reportedly tried to persuade the former president by sending out a poll that showed his popularity had stayed the same before and after the commercials aired. However, it is not clear whether Mr Trump is satisfied.

“The polls … show that the advertisement had no impact on President Trump’s image as his positive and negative ratings in no market changed by a single point,” the poll said, adding that the ad had one Mr Vance took tribute.

Mr Trump’s concern about the ad’s impact on his popularity is also seen in light of the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, where the former president could attempt to get a bid for the 2024 presidential election.

Although Mr. Trump has made no official announcements about his own political future, he remains involved in Republican campaigns and has endorsed his favorite candidates, including rallies for them and invitations to his residence in Mar-a-Lago.

The power he wields in the GOP is also demonstrated by the fact that he remains the face of the campaigns despite allegations related to the January 6 riots and several other irregularities.

However, Mr Trump has yet to endorse one candidate for the Ohio primary, and all candidates, including Mr Vance, are trying to get into his good books.


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