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Man arrested for beating UP deputy commissioner, UP police warning social media users spreading fake news about the incident: details


Uttar Pradesh Police Department launched Twitter to warn a social media user, Dharam Jeet Pandey, not to spread rumors about the incident involving a sub-inspector, a police officer in Pilibhit Kotwali, Vinod Kumar, on December 3rd was attacked by a group of men in Niralanagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The official Twitter address of the UP police, in order to match all news related to this UP police, tweeted in Hindi, which roughly translates as: “On December 3rd, 21st came the deputy commissioner Vinod Kumar, who was deployed for government work in Pilibhit , to Lucknow. He was beaten up by the defendants after colliding with a parked vehicle on the street to rescue the MOSA driver. 4 defendants were arrested after registering a case. Please don’t spread false rumors. “

On December 3rd, 21st, Deputy Commissioner Vinod Kumar, who was working on government work in Pilibhit, came to Lucknow and was beaten up by the defendants after he collided with a parked vehicle on the street to rescue the driver. /t.co / IXQVCwcFz3 https://t.co/W1hyJiyzgc pic.twitter.com/JmLO5JJi3j

– UPPOLICE FACT CHECK (@UPPViralCheck) December 3, 2021

Uttar Pradesh police also shared a link in which UP police provided full details of what happened on the night of December 3rd. There was also the video byte of the additional Deputy Police Commissioner of the North Zone, Prachi Singh, which gave details of the incident.

The Uttar Pradesh police responded to a tweet from a social media user with the handle @ DharanJeetPand3. In response to a report by the Hindu daily ‘Hindustan’ about the above-mentioned incident, Dharam Jeet Pandey tweeted in Hindi: “Takkar daroga mar rha h … arrest aadmi ko kr rhe h … yeh h”, roughly translated as “The policeman collided” . … but instead the man was arrested … that is).

The user essentially criticized the Uttar Pradesh police for their bias. He implied that the Uttar Pradesh police had implicated an innocent person as a police officer was involved in the incident, even though he knew it was his fault.

It turned out that Vinod Kumar, wearing his uniform, was beaten several times by a man in public in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow. Four men, including the one who slapped the police officer, were arrested after a video clip capturing the moment went viral on social media.

A 27-second video clip shows Ashish Shukla, one of the accused, slapping the uniformed police officer twice in front of crowds of onlookers. While she was attacking the policeman, Shukla could be heard saying, “Policegiri dikhayega”, loosely translated as (They will show us and tell us what police are).

Byte from ADCP North Prachi Singh regarding the incident. pic.twitter.com/RwNQkudNcz

– UP POLICE (@Uppolice) December 3, 2021

ACP (North Zone) Prachi Singh said in a video byte that the policeman in question was coming back from the office of the Minority Commission. He was traveling on a four-wheeler. When he reached Niralanagar, a bicycle suddenly came in front of him and in order to save him, his car collided with wrongly parked cars in front of a hotel. As a result, a group of five men rushed out of the hotel and ambushed the police officer. The group even tried to rob the policeman of his valuables and cell phone. Based on the complaint filed by SI Vinod Kumar, the defendants identified as Ashish Shukla, Priyank Mathur, Pravendra Kumar and Pranjul Mathur were arrested according to relevant sections of the IPC, Singh said.


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