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Research from Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that social media usage has grown to more than half a billion


New data from Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that the number of social media users rose 13 percent in June since the same time last year, with the latest data showing an increase of more than half a billion users in just 12 Months show.

The Global Statshot report Digital 2021: July revealed key insights into how consumers around the world use social media.

According to the report, the total number of mobile internet users has reached a staggering 4.42 billion, and mobile internet users make up 92.1 percent of total internet users.

The research showed that in addition to the general increase in the use of social media, the number of users who used social media as a news source was also significant.

Fifty-six percent of people worldwide access news content through social media, and Australians remain reluctant to pay for news content online (13 percent).

The main reason they used the internet was to find information, with 62.2 percent citing this as the main reason.

In second place was contact with friends and family with 55.5 percent, followed by new things and events with 54.3 percent.

Specifically, 44 percent of people worldwide use Facebook to discover and access news content, 29 percent on YouTube, 23 percent on WhatsApp, 15 percent on Instagram and 13 percent on Twitter.

The influence of influencers was also significant: 16.9 percent of Australian internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 stated that they follow influencers or other experts on social media

33.1 percent of female internet users between the ages of 16 and 24 follow influencers or other social media experts the most of all age groups.


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