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Ghana FA criticizes South Africa as a “fake news” dealer for allegations of a visit to Senegal


The Ghanaian Football Association (GFA) says it “will not let up in exposing the fake news” after a newspaper report alleged that a Ghanaian association official visited Senegal prior to the Black Stars clash with Bafana Bafana last month.

The GFA says that none of its officials visited Senegal before the game and that the report is the latest “dire attempt” by the South African Football Association (SAFA) to sway public opinion in its favor.

GFA suspects that SAFA was behind the report by the South African newspaper Sunday World that a member of the Ghanaian Football Association visited Senegal before the game in Cape Coast.

Without making it clear, the report was intended to imply that a senior GFA official was visiting Senegal to put the game’s Senegalese referee at risk.

According to the report, SAFA included this new evidence in an appeal to FIFA following the Brouhaha between Ghana and South Africa.

The report alleged that SAFA found this new material, which suggests match-fixing between referee Ndiaye Maquette and the Ghanaian Football Association.

According to the South African news agency Sunday World, an unnamed GFA capo visited the Senegalese referee before Ghana’s World Cup qualifier against South Africa, which was played two weeks ago.

SAFA has accused GFA of match-fixing with referee Ndiaye after South Africa lost the game 1-0 in Cape Coast.

Although the report does not identify its source or name the GFA official who allegedly visited Senegal, the Ghanaian association suspects that the SAFA is behind the report with the sole aim of twisting things in their favor with false information.

“Ignore them. This is fake news, please. They (Safa) are trying to find wolves everywhere, everywhere and elsewhere,” Ghanaian FA Secretary General Prosper Harrison Addo wrote on social media in response to claims made by Sunday World newspaper.

“Every day their story would change,” said Addo, referring to the ever-changing claims made by the SAFA since Bafana beat the Black Stars 1-0 in the all-important 2022 World Cup qualifier.

The GFA suspects that the South African newspaper’s latest allegation is the SAFA’s cunning but sinister plan to throw in such an allegation without their hands being named as perpetrators.

In a game that determines who qualifies from Group G for the play-off round, a penalty gave Ghana the advantage over Rainbow Country.

Ndiaye admitted a penalty kick to the Black Stars after Rushine De Reuck pulled Daniel Amartey in a corner to prevent the latter from scoring after a rebound. Andre Ayew made no mistake to bring the dominating Ghana the win.

After the painful defeat, the SAFA was not satisfied with the referee’s performance and therefore submitted a petition to FIFA with allegations of match-fixing.

SAFA started protests against the penalty kick, but when replays showed Reuck used both hands to prevent Amartey from scoring a goal, their story changed.

The SAFA then hired a self-proclaimed referee performance analyst Ace Ncobo, who claimed he had analyzed the referee’s performance of the game and claimed he saw an ongoing bias against South Africa.

He claimed so despite the fact that two decent penalties for Ghana were ignored during the game.

The Ncobo analysis was ridiculed in the African and Ghanaian media for the first time worldwide that such a precise analysis was carried out by a referee.

With those efforts seem doomed, the Sunday News release claiming that new material has been found is meant to give unsuspecting Bafana Bafana fans hope.

“The South African Football Association (SAFA) is using the information provided by a leading Ghanaian football association during the rounds in West Africa [Association] (GFA) visited Senegal two weeks ago in the city of Cape Coast in Ghana before the controversial qualifying game for the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup against South Africa, ”the newspaper article said.

The Sunday news further indicated that SAFA had added the alleged new evidence to its appeal to FIFA.

“SAFA officials have added this new material to their appeal to FIFA”

SAFA wants the game to be repeated, GFA has already sent its answer and now a long-awaited judgment from FIFA is keeping both associations in suspense.


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