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Politicians increased spending on digital advertising for the 2022 election campaign – Kantar PH


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 1st) – Digital political advertising is growing in popularity for next year’s national elections as the country’s COVID situation could still exclude larger crowds from in-person campaigns, a media research firm said on Friday.

“We will see an increasing share of digital as a platform for the candidates. Digital is an important part now, “said Jay Bautista, managing director of the Kantar Philippines Media Division, to The Exchange of CNN Philippines.

“With the change in the number of players on television, we will likely spend less money on traditional television, traditional printed newspapers. The money that declines there will be shifted to their online counterparts,” he said.

Bautista said government candidates will continue to invest sizeable amounts in political advertising amid COVID-19 restrictions.

“Advertising will be an important and powerful tool to reach voters … to create awareness of the candidate platform as a face-to-face campaign is no longer possible in the old normality of contact,” he said.

This has been endorsed by Alan German, campaign strategist and President and CEO of Agents International, Inc.

“The biggest difference is the pandemic … The personal campaign will change muscle building initiatives,” he also told CNN Philippines. “The shift will be to social media and even digital mobile media to engage voters.”

The Election Commission previously said that there is no way to ban personal elections because mass media, especially TV shows, may not be the most accessible for local candidates as it requires a huge sum of money for just a 30-second slot.

Under the “new normal” guidelines, the voting body requires that participants in physical gatherings should be limited to 10% of the capacity of a venue.

But if the pandemic situation improves, Comelec can increase the capacity limits.

READ: Comelec may raise the 10% limit on physical campaign events if the pandemic situation improves


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