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Pearl Milling Company’s new ads remind customers that it used to be Aunt Jemima – without mentioning the racist brand


The only mention of the old brand in the new brand’s commercials is a short, small print disclaimer that says, “New name. Same great taste as Aunt Jemima.” Parent company PepsiCo said one of the goals of the advertising campaign was to remind customers that the brand’s products have not changed.

The increase in sales is another.

“Given that we are still in the early stages of the rebranding process, we must stress that the Pearl Milling Company has the same great taste that consumers have known for generations, and with a new name, people of all backgrounds “A PepsiCo spokesperson told CNN Business.” We also have the opportunity to accelerate growth in the pancake and syrup categories. “

PepsiCo and its subsidiary Quaker Oats announced in June 2020 that they would be scrapping the Tante Jemima brand name due to its racist origins, something that critics have been calling for companies to do for decades.

In February, PepsiCo confirmed that Aunt Jemima would become the Pearl Milling Company, a call back to the late 19th-century company that invented the original ready-made pancake mix.

The new ads offer a smile Black families enjoy Pearl Milling Company pancakes and syrup at the breakfast table while the narrator tells the audience the backstory of the new brand.

“Pearl Milling Company is not new,” says the narrator during one of the advertisements. “Our perfectly fluffy, syrupy goodness was there for every special moment and we will always be here.

Pearl Milling Company’s products hit grocery store shelves in June. PepsiCo said it was too early to say how well the new brand is selling compared to Aunt Jemima.

“Shelves are still in transition so it’s too early to announce sales, but we’re encouraged as we look at the Pearl Milling Company’s initial speed performance,” PepsiCo said via email.

Aunt Jemima’s retirement was announced after the police murder of George Floyd last year, which created a ripple effect among food stamps with problematic logos and packaging. Uncle Ben’s, Mrs. Butterworth’s, and Cream of Wheat are just three of the brands that confirmed they would either review their packaging or completely rebrand the products former Nickname, a slander against the Native American people, after resisting the call for decades. A spokesman for the team told CNN Business earlier this summer that it wouldn’t reveal a new name until next year.

Ms. Butterworth’s parent company Conagra Brands told CNN Business earlier this summer that it was still in the process of checking the bottle shape of the syrup brand.

PepsiCo said the first of their three new 30-second TV spots aired on Monday. “Two more spots with other families will air in early October,” said the company.

Update: This story has been updated to reflect a brief mention of Aunt Jemima in the ad.


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