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It’s time to raise taxes for the UK middle class


MY partner joined the SNP shortly after the 2014 referendum and recently volunteered to distribute the “YES, A Referendum for Recovery” newsletter to households in our area. I tagged along to help.

I was totally amazed at the sheer size of some of the houses, both modern and Victorian styles. Please note that they were definitely not on my street! Some were so big that it didn’t take many of them to solve the homelessness and asylum problems in one fell swoop! Okay, I’m exaggerating for the sake of effect, but when I and my tired legs returned home, it got me thinking.

Whenever there are calls across the UK for more government money to help with poverty, the NHS, welfare and so on, the call always seems to be, ‘Who has to pay for this? There is no money tree. Stubborn, hard-working taxpayers already pay more than enough. ”The next time I hear that, these giant whores, along with the overpriced German cars in their drives, will be imprinted on my mind. Is the mainstream media properly questioning these claims? Whistle! (I wanted to use a different word, but this is a respectable family newspaper!)

You’re seriously not telling me that the residents of these bastards can’t really pay substantial taxes for the common good without leaving them on the bread line. But before those of you read this about your morning fry or cereal and croissant, nod vigorously, and agree that the top 5% need a wake-up call, just hold on.

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Let’s face it, a pretty hefty part of Scottish society, not just the mythical 5%, can definitely carry some of the burden as well. When you live in a nice, well-heated house that is big enough to comfortably accommodate your entire family, have “his” and “their” car, eat out fairly regularly, have takeaway food, not work up a sweat on the flat advised of your direct debits for energy, satellite television, broadband, gym membership, are relaxed about the cost of socializing in pubs and clubs, gigs, theaters, vet bills, Christmas gifts for family and friends, as well as birthdays, clothing, holidays, hobbies, etc, etc ad euseum … then sorry, the helmsman needs a lot more from you for the common good!

Before anyone accuses me of hypocrisy, I acknowledge that this applies to me too.

In the land of “We are all Jock Tamson’s bairns” we should be at the top of the rankings as one of the world’s equal nations. I believe that the Scottish Government should do everything now to move us all in this direction.

After independence, this process should accelerate accordingly. I admit it has already moved in that direction, but I want it to go much further.

I’m not naive, Realpolitik is usually in the way and a lot of governments have to juggle to keep the rich and powerful cute while using tax revenues to help the weakest in society. This was the New Labor path under Blair and Broon. But is that really the limit of our ambition here in Scotland? I would find it very depressing if that were the case.

I’m not foolish if, before we become an independent nation, Nicola chops off the high hay yins of Scottish society sufficiently, the “Scottish” versions of the English right-wing print press and mainstream television media will become apoplectic and pull everyone dirty Trick in the book to make her fall. Cue a likely drop in the polls for independence. Cue big doubts about winning an independence vote. Cue that we’re all totally depressed.

I always remember, however, that in one of my favorite films, “Sexy Beast,” the cold, evil gangster Teddy Bass, played by Ian McShane, used the famous line “Where” to respond to the massive obstacles there are in breaking into a bank vault a will – and there is a (false word) will – there is a way – and there is a (again the same swear word) way! ”

Remember Nicola!

Name and address given

IN his attack on Alba, Alan Thompson (letters, 25 indy getting ready instead of constantly kicking the can while barely preparing for independence?

At a time when all on the Indy side of the political spectrum should unite for a common cause and tap into the public zeal served by the organized marches and The National’s involvement in the ongoing million-sheet distribution campaign, etc, to serve others indy parties / groups to attack instead of the Westminster apologists blue and red tories?

As for the personal attacks on Alba’s leader, who has a much broader leadership and a really indy party structure, Mr Thompson seems to forget that the result was not guilty; So instead of tiredly warming up old political maneuvers, perhaps he should ask what really happened in the political and judicial systems that resulted in the cost of huge sums of money in public money and the ruins of the integrity of those systems?

Like many others, I chose SNP for one reason; to send Westminster the clearest message of the Scots’ determination to be independent. To this day, apart from a few petty poses by the “leadership” of the SNP, we are no further than the election.

Given the track record of the SNP government, its deal with the Greens, which I would never have voted for, and the impending bull dissolution of GRA amendments despite widespread opposition, it is unlikely that I will do this again.

Who can forget that Sturgeon asked for a Section 30 order in December 2019 and then was not followed by a planned response because we all knew it would be rejected, nor even refute Prime Minister Johnson’s rumbling and bogus reasons for rejection that are now being used by To be trade unionists as assertions of fact and reasons for denying us our democratic right to determine our future governance?

Shouldn’t Mr. Thompson realize that the gift of Westminster’s heinous behavior that wins the election is fizzling out even now, all the more so when there is the expected change in Tory leader?

The SNP will not be forgiven for missing the best opportunity for Indy, offered by the most selfish and incompetent Tory government in history, led by the biggest buffoon ever to find his way into prime ministerial office.

If we cannot achieve independence now, how are we ever going to free ourselves from the burden of the arrogant Tory government for which we do not vote? Isn’t it time the Alan Thompsons of the SNP asked their own leadership how they’re going to deliver Indy, wondering if they have serious intentions instead of shooting the horse that comes on the rails?

Jim Taylor


SCOTLAND will have a new constitution when it becomes independent.

Assuming we do not want an archaic and unwritten constitution like England based on precedents, a formal constitution must be able to be changed from subject to subject through the mechanism of referendums.

All referendums, including those on independence itself, must take place on the basis of a constitution, otherwise it is comparable to construction work without specifications. That suits the unscrupulous cowboy builder – aka Westminster – but ends in tears. At the moment we do not even have a draft constitution, which should have been drawn up after extensive deliberation under the aegis of the authorities of the Scottish Government. Perhaps this is the subject that should now be recognized as critical by the SNP, which is currently “on guard”.

Before Covid is mentioned as a delay factor, the COP summit will certainly invalidate this argument. If the Tories decide to hold early elections, that excuse won’t stop them.

The SNP (God bless your cotton socks) tries to be two incompatible things at the same time: a mature government at home and reddish radicals abroad. So they were offered several doors to release us into our freedom.

The first and the one they decided on in an orderly queue is the one with Article 30. It’s locked and the entire Westminster system has its shoulders against it too. The next door called the parliamentary mandate is open because they have a key – a working majority based on a commitment to independence.

However, that door can be locked against them by the voters if they wait too long. The last door is older and will be opened simply by breaking away from the Union Treaty and all its implications. This is framed by the principle of the sovereignty of the Scottish people and supported by the Claim of Right adopted by Westminster.

If we go out into the world on the other side of the door, the weather can be bad. This is what COP26 tells us. So we need to be armed with a watertight constitution and, as this needs to be changed, with experience. We need to become seasoned referendum users, like voters in many successful countries. Referenda are the most important instrument of democracy and, like old instruments, can have two new heads and three new shafts.

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PS A tech note: old doors were lined, hemmed, stiffened, and sometimes framed. This specified the ingredients

Iain WD Forde


AS National readers already know that the UK Constitution is not perceived as the wonderful institution it may be. The now “very flexible” unwritten constitution, supported by Boris’ MP majority in the lower house, his buddies in the Lords, a battered “fear” police of the Metropolitan perhaps in his pocket, feels unstoppable, omnipotent and can do what he wants. He is inviolable. His actions primarily preserve and expand the rights of the rich and privileged. Everything happens within the rapidly fading mirage of so-called ‘ascending’.

The recent cut to the expensive HS2 madness only highlights the prime nature of London and the Southeast, the second tier nature of the north and, while it sneakily seizes power, the third tier nature of a forgotten Scotland. He continues to break the law, evade control, and mislead the public with little or no redress. Westminster is broken and beyond repair. It makes you think why don’t we do the same thing? Take more action into our own hands. Nicola, an advocate of getting things right, and by the way, maybe should try Boris’s approach.

Of course, this raises the question of UDI again. E.g. Do you have an early election in Holyrood with independence being the number one issue that SNP, the Greens and others support. If a return of the MSPs to independence is achieved, continued international support would be required. After Nicolas successfully hosted COP26, Scotland is more popular than ever with other countries that already recognize Scotland as an independent country. So why wait … The time has certainly come to rethink this strategy.

Robin MacLean

Fort Augustus


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