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On Constitution Day, Prime Minister expresses concern over dynastic politics, opposition boycotted event


New Delhi, November 26th (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the growing dynasty in politics was a cause for concern and veiled attacked the opposition for boycotting the Constitution Day feature when he was in the central Hall of Parliament spoke.

Some 15 opposition parties boycotted a Constitution Day event, at which President Ram Nath Kovind gave a speech.

Lok Sabha spokesman Om Birla lamented the boycott, saying it was upset and hurt.

In an overt attack on parties boycotting the Constitution Day feature, the prime minister said there had also been protests when he announced Constitution Day in 2015.

“When I talked about it in 2015, there were protests that day too. What is the need to celebrate Constitution Day … If you have that kind of feeling when we talk about Babasaheb Ambedkar, the nation is not ready to listen to it, “said Modi.

The Prime Minister said that India, in the form of family-based parties, was headed into some sort of crisis that was a cause for concern for the constitutional people.

He complained that the spirit of the constitution had also been violated, and that every section of the constitution had also been violated when political parties themselves lost their democratic character. “How can the parties that have lost their democratic character protect democracy?” He asked.

Meanwhile, spokesman Om Birla said: “I am hurt that the opposition boycotted a parliamentary session. It was not a political event.”

He said the information reached him through the media and that the opposition leaders should have spoken to him.

“I found out from the media (about the boycott). Opposition leaders could have spoken to me, if they had any problems they should have discussed it with me,” he said.

Opposition parties have meanwhile accused them of “trampling” the Indian constitution.

“Our protest is directed against the way the government is managing the state of affairs, passing laws and making decisions. Remind the people of the country that this offends the spirit of our constitution. The criticism of the opposition by the prime minister and his colleagues is unjustified, “said high-ranking congress chairman Anand Sharma, as he addressed a press conference at party headquarters.

The congressman attacked the ruling BJP for the way it operates, saying, “Every single constitutional institution has been undermined or is constantly under attack. Legislation has become ‘undemocratic’. The government has now developed a dangerous trend of legislating by ordinance. “.”

Constitution Day is celebrated on November 26th to mark the day the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India in 1949. The constitution came into force on January 26, 1950.



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