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Union Minister for Road Transport and MotorwaysAURANGABAD: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said Thursday farmers should turn to ethanol production rather than growing conventional crops as it will improve profitability and provide the country with green fuel.

The Union’s Minister of Roads and Highways said the country currently spends 8 million rupees a year on fuel imports and spending is likely to rise to 25 million rupees in the future.

“The farmers in the country give us grain today. But they should also start giving energy. The country currently spends 8 million rupees a year on fuel imports and the amount may rise to 25 million rupees in the future. A large amount goes to the farmers then they will not commit suicide, “Gadkari said.

Growing traditional crops will not be profitable, farmers should turn to producing ethanol instead, he said.

The center has mandated the use of 10 percent biomass instead of coal in power generation and this will help farmers if they grow bamboo the same way they do sugar cane and earn up to Rs 8 lakh per acre of land in just two years. said the minister.

Gadkari spoke at the inauguration of the Phoenix Eicher Institute for Driver Education and Research. This is the first institute in the country to train drivers and was set up in PPP mode.

The minister said there was a shortage of nearly 22 lakh drivers in the country.

“In European countries, drivers don’t work more than eight hours. In India, on the other hand, they drive 12 to 16 hours and at temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius if there is no air-conditioned truck cab, ”he says.

The country loses nearly 1.5 lakh people in accidents each year and the majority of the victims are in the 18-25 age bracket, he said.

“To reduce the number of accidents, we have to work harder. To repair the black spots (accident-prone areas) in the country, the ministry has allocated 15,000 billion rupees through the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank,” said Gadkari. called.

At least 80 Taluka-level driver training institutes will be set up in the country over the next five years, he said, adding that the move will also help unemployed youth.

The minister went on to say that companies in India are ready to bring vehicles with flex engines to the Indian market. This will increase the need for ethanol and it will also be profitable for farmers in the country.

Gadkari also appealed to State Transport Minister Anil Parab to take an initiative to introduce ethanol-powered auto rickshaws in Pune.

It added that the trend will also be won over by political intervention, as India aims for net zero emissions by 2070 and oil refineries would shift their production mix in favor of alternatives like petrochemicals, which should also support their profitability.


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