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Strong tailwind for the Indian game industry, IT News, ET CIO


From Vimal Venkatram

An intelligent storyline, attractive graphics, and complexity are essential to the success of an online game today, but the real determination of its sustainability and tectonic growth is bespoke gameplay and user intelligence. What’s better than a fun and smooth multiplayer match with international gamer engagement, adaptability to any new age computing device, exclusive personalized avatars, in-game events and progressive task rewards. Such a gaming experience arises from an innovative business model that is equipped with insights into consumer behavior and the continuous reinvention of data.

Become a successful habit with big data

The size of the Indian gaming segment is skyrocketing, aided by the increasing depth of technologies such as AI, extended reality, and advanced machine learning models. Consumers can now enjoy unlimited and compelling game content across a range of digital channels including web, TV, social and mobile devices. A KPMG report on the growth of online gambling in India predicts the number of online gamblers is growing rapidly, reaching 657 million users with sales of INR 290 billion by FY25.

In a competitive and growing market like gaming, data and analytics are critical factors in determining how online games are designed, marketed, optimized, distributed and delivered. Big data analysis contains all the decisive measures for a game development company to achieve top performance.

Large and complex data sets that game subscribers generate when enjoying the gaming experience have inherent value. These large pools of data, when authentic, reveal usage patterns and the predictability of user preferences, while empowering data scientists to identify these trends and make decisions to solve critical business problems, including expanding, engaging, and monetizing their subscriber base .

However, classifying data itself into useful pipelines for such intelligent analysis can be costly and time consuming for gambling companies. A reliable data cloud can easily categorize records when queried, and store and share data seamlessly and securely across the business ecosystem.

A boost from big data to revitalize the key performance indicators

The potential of computing power (from smart homes to self-driving cars to cognitive cyberization) is growing. This increases the amount of data generated every minute, and with it the need to intelligently store, measure, and analyze it for greater business benefit.

By accessing live queryable data from various industry vendors based on identity, demographics, and audience models in an incredibly fast environment, analytics professionals can gain new insights to make data-driven decisions, better content recommendations, and improve the subscriber experience the sources of income in the game.

A dynamic big data marketplace also helps streamline and accelerate access to third party or SaaS vendor data that enables deeper insights into gamification features that result in improved player experience, marketing effectiveness, user acquisition and retention. Behavioral insights from big data analytics bring strategic business clarity to data teams. It enables game developers to see what aspects customers are happy with, what areas need fixing, what content they expect, and the ideal frequency of content.

With consumer behavior driving burgeoning gamification skills, we are already seeing excellent collaborations in education and video streaming segments for every age group and demographic background, enabling the gaming industry to reach new heights and levels of experience.

The author is Country Head of Snowflake India


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