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Nicki Minaj spreads anti-Vax fake news and Covid-19 controversy to keep her RAPIST husband out of control


Looks like Nicki Minaj has been through a lot the past few days! Does the pop star tell people not to get vaccinated? And not only that, but is she really trying to save her “rapist” husband? Well, to know everything, stay tuned with us!

Does Nicki Minaj tell people not to get vaccinated against Covid-19?

Nicki Minaj is currently high on the news! But instead of stardom, she gets violent hatred from her fans! A few days ago one of her tweets went viral and she fucking regrets posting it on social media! The tweet was about the COVID-19 vaccine! The pop star claimed that one of her cousins, who lives in Trinidad, refused to take the Covid vaccine. Well, it looks like Nicki’s cousin’s boyfriend had a serious side effect after the vaccination that scared him off from taking the vaccine! The singer apparently had to deal with a lot of hate because of this tweet! Most people said she was just trying to get attention and she was also spreading fake news among the people out there!

My cousin in Trinidad isn’t getting the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent. His testicles swelled up. His friend was still weeks away from the marriage, now the girl canceled the wedding. So just pray on it and make sure you are happy with your decision and not get bullied

– Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) September 13, 2021

Your opinion on the vaccine is certainly an anti-Vax statement. But does she really support Anti-Vax? Well, one of Nicki’s recent interviews with Andy Cohen was seen to be following all of the COVID-19 protocols! This surely proves that she doesn’t support Anti-Vax! The inner information is a safe statement as it comes exclusively from the very famous Andy Cohen!

Is Nicki Minaj protecting her “rapist” husband?

Well, we’ve all known for the last few months that Nicki Minaj’s husband is being charged with sexually assaulting Jennifer Hough. This incident dates back to 1995. But recently, Jennifer filed a lawsuit against Kenneth Petty. Nicki and her husband neither responded to the lawsuit! Not only that, Kenneth has clearly denied the charges brought against him! When the incident occurred, the perpetrator and victim were 16 years old! If you don’t know, let me tell you, Petty also served a four-year prison term for what he did.

The shocking news is that Petty now claims the rape never took place! In fact, the sex between him and Jennifer was more consensual! He also said that he was a little boy 26 years ago and that he took on the rape allegation out of fear! This time he was told that he would not accept the rape claim, then he is in jail for a 20-year sentence!

But Jennifer is clearly saying the opposite of Petty’s story! She made it clear that he had raped her with a knife. All these years she has been traumatized and is still afraid to face the world outside. Well, Jennifer’s $ 15 million charge has been dismissed by the court. But there is still a $ 20 million lawsuit pending! When we get to Nicki, she has stated that she accidentally failed to respond to the lawsuit! So is the sensational pop star really saving her husband?


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