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Lai Mohammed: Lagos EndSARS panel report, a reworking of fake news


Alhaji Lai Mohammed

  • Says it’s full of inconsistencies, errors, omissions, discrepancies, and allusions

Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, published the report of the Judiciary Committee of Lagos State, the cases of police brutality and the murders on 20 an effort full of inconsistencies, errors, omissions, discrepancies and allusions.
The minister rejected the report when speaking to the media in Abuja on Tuesday.
He compared the report to the triumph of fake news and the intimidation of a silent majority by a loud lynch mob.
“There is absolutely nothing in the circulating report that could lead us to change our position that there was no massacre at Lekki on October 20, 2020. For us to change our position, a well-researched report of the incident that meets all required standards and “stands up to every scrutiny” needs to be prepared and presented to the public. The report that is in circulation does not meet these requirements, ”said Mohammed.
The minister knocked on the judicial commission set up to investigate the incident for having submitted a report containing allegations, the same allegations they were supposed to investigate in the first instance.
He added that instead of sitting for a full year, the panel could have conveniently compiled and submitted social media “moonlight stories” about the incident, saving taxpayers’ money and everyone’s time.
“Gentlemen, we have read some critical analyzes of the report by a brave few. One commentator, a lawyer, said it raised more questions than answers.
Another commentator, a journalist, called it a ‘nefarious report by a nefarious body’ and said he was reporting allegations rather than investigating the allegations.
“Yet another wondered how a judicial body could use the words“ massacre in context ”and equate it with a massacre. All of this and many more have raised legitimate questions about this report. “We applaud their courage and their refusal to be intimidated by the rampaging lynch mob that has been screaming blue murder since the report was published,” he said.
He accused the panel of throwing away the testimony of ballistics experts who testified before him, with the experts saying:
no live ammunition of military quality was fired
the demonstrators at Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020 within the reference period (6.30pm-8.34pm) and that the four gunshot wounds investigated by the team were caused by
either low speed caliber and locally made weapons.
He wondered how the same panel that claimed credible evidence from forensic pathologist Prof. John Obafunwa that only three of the autopsied bodies were from Lekki and only one had a gunshot wound contradicted itself by saying nine people died from gunshot wounds at Lekki.
The minister raped the panel for having remained silent about the family members of the allegedly killed, and merely indicated that they were afraid to testify.
He said, “Goats also have owners who look for them when they don’t return home, let alone people. Where are the family members of those reportedly killed at the Lekki Toll Gate? If the panel recommends compensation for the families, what are their identities and addresses? Who will receive the compensation if no family members have come to this day? ”.
He criticized the report for not referring to cases of brutally murdered police personnel, as well as the massive destruction of police stations and vehicles during the EndSARS protest, and wondered if this implied that the panel did not regard police officers and women as human beings.
He also despised the report for not recommending compensation to the innocent people whose businesses were attacked and destroyed during the Lagos protest because he was too busy searching for evidence to support his conclusion of “massacres in context” support.
“From the current one it is clear that one cannot rely on the report of the panel that is in circulation because its authenticity is doubtful. In addition, the government of Lagos State, as the convening authority, has not yet published an official report to the public.
“The committee didn’t do that either. Cowardly giving an unsigned report to the public is not enough. Assuming that the report in circulation bears some iota of authenticity, it is basic knowledge that the report of such a body is not valid until the convening authority issues a white paper and an official gazette on it. It is therefore too premature for any person or entity to scourge the federal government and its agencies or officials on the basis of such an unofficial and unvalidated report, ”he said.


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