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Lazada 11/11 Condo Giveaway Marketing Stunt Goes To Retired Street Vendor, Gaining Branded PR Points


Retired street vendor Chow Meng Cheng (center) could win the grand prize at 11/11. Lazada Singapore raffle took home a one-bedroom condominium in Normanton Park, but Lazada has prevailed with its media and PR coverage as it hits the headlines of most of the mainstream media in Singapore. According to a statement by Lazada, Chow had only spent SG $ 3.41 on aloe vera gel and a digital coupon for Nasi Lemak during the campaign period, but collected five golden keys while playing the in-app game Lazzie Star.

Chow said the news that he had won hasn’t fully gotten there as he never thought that his humble purchase would give him a chance to win such a big prize. “I originally thought it was a scam when the Lazada team surprised me with the news. I’ve never been so lucky in my life! I could only be sure that after reading it all, I was going to be the winner Had verified customer service from Lazada, “Chow added.

Chow has been a lazada user since 2017 and started using it more frequently when the pandemic started and those in need of protection were strongly encouraged to stay home. Chow uses lazada for his daily home needs, groceries and skin care products for his family members. Chow found out about the giveaway from his daughter, who also played Lazzie Star, to collect the golden keys. Each key gave buyers a chance to win the giveaway, and buyers can collect up to 34 keys in the app. After learning how to play the game from his daughter, Chow played the game alone and reached level 25 in the game.

In addition to the PropNex co-sponsored condo win, 11 lucky winners who participated in the #LazWinACondo TikTok dance challenge were also selected to receive vouchers worth SG $ 1,111. In the challenge, participants had to show their creativity by presenting a scene from their first night in the one-room apartment in Normanton Park.

Loh Wee Lee (pictured left), CEO of Lazada Singapore, is delighted that the giveaway has generated so much excitement among shoppers this shopping season, especially for the largest one-day sale of the year. “Our main focus has been to support our sellers in this challenging year and we are delighted that both our buyers and our sellers are being rewarded. With this year’s 11/11, which is again achieving record sales, we are pleased to present the opportunities who have favourited eCommerce is life changing, “he added.

In an exclusive conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Wook Kwon, CMO of Lazada Singapore said that the team was pleasantly surprised that the winner was the 70-year-old former street vendor Chow, as his platform is frequented by a large number of younger digital savvy customers, which take up most of the festive shopping time. Kwon said, “It was unexpected for us as we have a lot of younger users and you don’t necessarily think that a senior would win from digital products and coupons. This shows that our vouchers are easy to use regardless of age group. “

He added that it was “heartwarming” that Chow had only spent a small amount to buy an aloe vera gel and a digital coupon for Nasi Lemak. “We see many new, younger buyers on our platform who are committed to e-commerce and who rely on the platform, especially for digital goods, our live stream and our shopping entertainment strategy. We were also very proud of how careful he was with scams. He didn’t believe our team when they told him he had won and even called our customer service who also told him at the time that he was right about scams. It shows that the Singapore market also has senior citizens who are digitally educated, ”he said.

Kwon also thanked the PropNex team and its CEO, saying the PropNex team was very responsive to the partnership. “We had on 11.11. always great giveaways, as we take the shopping festival very seriously as part of the Alibaba group. This year we wanted to do something that would resonate with our buyers. Here in Singapore, where many of us work from home, the home environment has become very important to all of us. We have to thank the PropNex team for working with us so quickly to get this partnership off the ground, ”he said, adding that it only took about two months to complete it.

While Kwon acknowledged that the giveaway certainly brought a lot of PR value to the brand, he added that it was never the company’s intent. “We didn’t think about how many dollars and cents of PR value we would gain. We just wanted to add value and add value to the lives of our users and in this case, when you look at how humble the family is, we feel like we really have that and we are very happy about it. “

This year Lazada has done everything to make his 11.11. Market Shopping Festival when it unveiled the giveaway grand prize. Lazada also rolled out the marketing campaign on various platforms such as TV, radio, digital ads, OOH activations, social media, and more to create buzz about the giveaway

In October, Lazada named the South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN as their first regional ambassadors of happiness. Until 11.11. played the 13-member K-pop group in Lazada’s latest 11/11 film that took the boy band into the Lazada world, a dynamic and fantastic realm full of larger-than-life everyday items and exclusive 11/11 rewards. In addition, the group performed at Lazada’s virtual concert on November 10th, which also featured top local celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Performances include Wang Lei, Jasper La and Chief Discount Officer, Royce Lee from Singapore, Nora Danish and Dayang Nurfaizah from Malaysia, Agnez Mo, Tiara Andini and Via Vallen from Indonesia, Bright Vachirawit – Win Metawin, Billkin Putthipong – PP Krit and JJ Kritsanaphum from Thailand, Tran Thanh and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc from Vietnam and Alden Richards, Bea Alonzo, Maine Mendoza from the Philippines.

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