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Media Literacy

International conference on critical media literacy presents Weave News projects – Weave News


Editorial Director John Collins and Contributing Editor Cassandra Kunert chaired a session on Weaving the Streets & People’s History Archive (WSPHA), a collaboration between Weave News and the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery. The project, which includes a series of articles and a digital archive, examines how common people around the world express themselves politically and culturally in public spaces. WSPHA staff have produced multimedia reports on social movements, street art, political demonstrations and other uses of public space in various locations around the world.

In their session, Collins and Kunert examined “how citizen journalism can help create critical awareness and contribute to cross-border, solidarity-based politics” and also reflected on some of the ethical and practical challenges associated with this work. The session highlighted the work of contributors reporting from Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica.


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