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YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook are the most popular social media platforms in Singapore


With around 4.4 million YouTube users in the country, Singaporeans spend an average of two hours a day with the app.

Singapore has approximately 4.96 million social media users, according to the review site Best In Singapore. This makes up about 84.4% of the total population of the country – and that number is expected to reach 5.04 million in 2024).

Singaporeans (88.7%) use YouTube every day – two hours a day – for general media consumption. In fact, the report found that 45% of Singaporeans prefer YouTube to traditional TV shows; 60% of them find the platform useful when searching for products before making a purchase. WhatsApp is mainly used by locals for pure online communication, which 87% of users prefer as opposed to other platforms like Messenger and WeChat.

However, if one considers platforms exclusively for media consumption, Facebook follows YouTube with 4.06 million users. This is followed by Instagram (3.22 million), LinkedIn (1.87 million) and TikTok (1.36 million).

The full list of Singapore’s most popular social media platforms can be seen in the mission statement above. Regarding the time spent on YouTube, more details are given in the following figure:

Social media devices

Given that the country has 8.5 million cellular connections, which is one of the highest cellular penetration rates in the world in 2020, it’s no surprise that 72.9% of users access social media exclusively on cellphones. “Ultimately, that’s 145% of Singapore’s population, which means that many people have more than one mobile device,” the report said.

By comparison, only 1.2% of users rely on laptops and desktops to access social media, while 25.9% of users use both mobile and computing devices.

Social media by age

According to the report, the majority of Facebook users in Singapore are between 25 and 34 years old. This age group makes up 34.7% of Facebook users in Singapore. The second largest group is now between 35 and 44 years old.

Singapore’s younger population mainly spends their time on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. A similar trend can also be observed on Instagram, where 85% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

“While TikTok may not be as popular as YouTube and Instagram, it has also managed to capture a large portion of the island’s younger audiences. This emerging platform has an emphasis on portrait videos created by a variety of users,” it said the report.

Using the United States as a reference point, 41% of Americans on TikTok were between the ages of 16 and 24. In Singapore, a similar proportion – and age – of the user also spends most of their time on the app.

“There’s no definite number yet for the percentage of teenagers among the 1.35 million TikTok users in Singapore. But given the exponential growth of the platform, the country is likely to see numbers similar to those of US social media -Crowd, “an analysis of the report revealed.

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