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Unregistered digital media prevented from filming home trials by Delhi civil authorities


Journalists belonging to unregistered digital media are not allowed to record the proceedings of the house of two civil organizations in Delhi, officials said on Sunday.

A spokesman for the East Delhi Municipal Corporation said the decision was made to “ensure decency” during the trial as many local media outlets running channels on YouTube step into the house’s well while reporting.

“Registered national media and other broadcasting channels will not have such restrictions, however,” he said.

The EDMC spokesman said the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act is old and changes have been made from time to time. ‘we will try to study this problem to find a solution’.

The same restrictions apply to unregistered digital media while reporting on standing committee meetings, he added.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act was formulated in the pre-Internet era.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation has also made a similar decision and its Mayor Mukesh Suryan confirmed the development. However, written orders had not been issued, he said.

“We have not issued a written order in this regard. This corresponds to the DMC law. Even if a councilor needs a recording of the house meeting, he or she can get it from the ward clerk, but it is not allowed to record it over the phone, ”Suryan said.

However, he did not explain whether or not recording of House or Standing Committee proceedings by journalists from registered media houses is allowed.

The AAP alleged on Thursday that the BJP-ruled SDMC and EDMC prevented the media from taping and broadcasting the House of Representatives’ proceedings live by two civil authorities in order to keep people in the dark about their “misdeeds”.

The chief spokesman for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Saurabh Bharadwaj, claimed in a press conference that the two civil organizations had issued orders on Wednesday.

Bharadwaj had said that the AAP condemns and opposes the move by the BJP-ruled civil organizations to record and broadcast their home proceedings live.

“It is utterly appalling that the BJP-ruled MCDs who do not broadcast their House proceedings live have now even prevented the media from broadcasting the House proceedings live,” he said. PTI KND AKM SRY

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