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The Calderdale company loses appeal against the council’s decision to reject digital advertising space


The Wildstone Group had requested the Planning Inspectorate against the failure of Calderdale Council to provide a decision on their application for a replacement at the gable end of a grocery store in Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge, within the prescribed time limit.

Inspector K. Stephens described this as being on the corner of Bolton Brow and Grove Streets near a small roundabout where three streets converged.

The Wildstone Group had argued that replacing the old paper posters with a digital blackboard would mean much fewer trips to physically replace advertising, make eco-savings, and easily check charity or emergency messages on them.

The Wildstone Group appealed to the Planning Inspectorate

Inspector Stephens viewed this against the effects on the comfort and safety of residents.

“I think the proposed digital advertisement would be overtly commercial, which contradicts the relatively sleek design, size and mostly residential character of this part of Bolton Brow.

“It would therefore affect the visual appeal of the area and the residents,” said the inspector.

For safety reasons, the inspector said: “I find that the proposed digital advertising, with its bright and frequently changing images and in an area without much illuminated advertising, distracts drivers and therefore endangers public safety.”

Closing the case, Inspector Stephens said, “A digital display may well reduce the number of trips to the site to replace the paper posters and have a knock-on effect by reducing energy and CO2 emissions.

“I accept that digital advertising could be used to display charity campaigns or emergency messages and this can have an impact on business rates.

“However, these factors are not solely due to the appeal or suggestion, and do not outweigh the harm I have found to both convenience and public safety.

“For the reasons above, I have found that the proposed digital advertising would be detrimental to convenience and pose a significant risk to public safety.

“For these reasons the appeal is dismissed.”

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