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Anti-Trump group TV advertisement that drew Texas Governor Greg Abbott before the start of the UT Rice soccer game


A national television commercial blowing up Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic that was due to air during the University of Texas soccer game against Rice University on Saturday was blown, according to the group , which produced the television commercial, was discontinued a few minutes before the start of the competition.

Members of the Lincoln Project, a group of former and current Republican Party members who oppose former President Donald Trump’s policies, ask why the ad they produced and paid for did not show. The $ 25,000 spot was approved by ESPN’s legal department, a Lincoln project spokesman said.

“Despite clearance from ESPN’s legal department, we were informed 10 minutes before kick-off that the ad would not run,” said a statement from the Lincoln Project. “When asked why, we were told it was a ‘decision made by the university’. Did Greg Abbott or his allies use political leverage to ensure that the advertisement was not aired? “

An Abbott spokesman said the governor had nothing to do with withdrawing the complaint.

University of Texas officials were not immediately available for comment.

Abbott is a graduate of the University of Texas. He appoints members of the school board.

“Instead of focusing again on protecting Texans from the coronavirus pandemic, they appear to have focused their time and energy on censoring those who would hold him accountable for his failure,” the statement said . “Indeed, several sources in Texas have informed us of the political panic in the governor’s office and the campaign organization.”

The television commercial called Abbott’s Wall claims that if you built a wall out of the coffins of Texans who died of COVID-19, it would stretch from Austin to San Antonio. The ad shows a gloomy Texan landscape with captions revealing terrible coronavirus statistics. Advertisements say 3.8 million Texans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. 60,475 of them died. According to the ad, those deaths resulted in over 60,000 burials, with 85 miles of wood used to make coffins.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, seated in the center, watches the third quarter of a college football game between the University of Texas and Louisiana State University on Saturday September 7, 2019 at Darrell Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas . (Ryan Michalesko / The Dallas Morning News)(Ryan Michalesko / employee photographer)

The governor has banned masking requirements, although some local school districts and jurisdictions want them to protect students and teachers from the virus.

“If Governor Abbott wants to build a new wall, tell him to stop building it,” the silent ad reads, using subtitles instead of a narrator.

According to the statement, the group will investigate why the ad did not appear.

“We will not be deterred by Governor Abbott’s radicalism in support of his own political outlook and re-election campaign,” the statement said. “We’re not done with Governor Abbott yet.”


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