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Media Literacy

Cronkite School celebrates Media Literacy Week


This is Media Literacy Week, a National Association of Media Literacy Education event dedicated to using news, social media, movies, and music to improve critical thinking. We learned more from Kristy Roschke, executive director of the News Co / Lab at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism.

Media literacy should give people an introduction to what media literacy is and how people can practice media literacy.

“The most common definition is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create and respond to media messages.

This includes media of all kinds and not just the news, such as films, music, books. The News Co / Lab focuses on the news media, but media literacy spans a broader area.

“All these types of messages that we consume every day influence us and how we can react critically to them is very important,” said Roschke.

Roschke regards media literacy as essential for literacy in the 21st century, because media messages influence everyday life.

During Media Literacy Week, the Cronkite School hosts many events to celebrate and teach media literacy. There are also many educational tools available to teach media literacy to young children.

The News / Co-Lab offers a free online introductory media literacy class that anyone can do, where people can learn what makes a credible source and how to spot misinformation.


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