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Media Literacy

The day promotes media literacy in the Middle East


London, United Kingdom: The Day e-learning platform offers Middle Eastern teachers a free trial to improve their media literacy. This week marks Global Media and Information Literacy Week, and school principals can register online to access all of the day’s breaking content, including ready-to-use presentation slides, news articles structured to encourage research-based learning, activity ideas, special reports, quizzes, Briefings and much more.

The aim of the day is to make media literacy accessible to all students of all ages, abilities and from all parts of the world. The resources are available at five different reading levels and translated articles are available in four different languages, and soon also in Arabic. The Day also publishes daily global news for international schools, complete with classroom activities.

The resources provided by The Day are all curriculum-oriented, including IB and National Curriculum, and are valued by many Middle Eastern educational institutions. Members include GEMS Dubai American Academy, Robert College of Istanbul and Asamiah International School (AIS), Jordan.

The Day CEO and Editor Richard Addis said, “Media is an important part of life. The media helps us stay connected with each other and with events around the world, but the media can also transform the way we think. Therefore, educators have to equip the students with media literacy. ”

The day’s resources give students the confidence to ask questions on major world issues and express their own opinions through an exploratory approach to learning. Readers learn to assess different sources of information and gain valuable insights into the experiences of people around the world.

“I like the way the stories got you to discuss the issues behind the news. They weren’t sermons. They just said, ‘These are the facts and these are the questions to think about,’ instead of telling me what to think, like most of the current media. “- George Perry, 11th grade student.

School principals can sign up to access all of The Day’s resources for FREE: https://bit.ly/3C8Rdme

See a video tour through our homepage here: https://bit.ly/3b6ePfB

Throughout the day:

The Day is a subscription-based, daily online news title for schools and colleges. They post news and curriculum-related activities to help teachers inspire students to become critical thinkers and better citizens by bringing in their natural curiosity about real world problems. It is released in five tiers for young people ages 5-19. Learn more about The Day by visiting https://theday.co.uk/ or following them on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

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