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Media Literacy

Illinois high school students will learn media literacy in the next school year


CARTERVILLE, Illinois (KFVS) – Illinois high school students will be learning media literacy in the classroom starting next school year.

Illinois Public Act 102-0055 mandates media literacy for all students in Illinois public high school beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.

The co-founders of the Illinois Media Literacy Coalition, Michael Spikes and Yonty Friesem, created a framework to help educators in Illinois incorporate the required media literacy unit into all subjects and topics already taught. Spikes and Friesem said that we live in a media-saturated environment, so it is important that students are taught media literacy.

“One of the things we come across today is that we need to become much more active media consumers because we not only look at things but also take part in conversations on platforms like social media,” said Spikes, a graduate student at Northwestern University Professor at Columbia College Chicago and head of the Illinois Media Literacy Now chapter.

“Knowing how to be media literate also needs to know how to communicate, how to behave, and how to be socially responsible in today’s environment,” said Yonty Friesem, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of Civic Media and Strategic Communications at Columbia College Chicago.

The Illinois Media Literacy Coalition is also hosting a Challenge for all Illinois High School students to earn scholarship funds and cash prizes during Media Literacy Week October 25-30.

Students won prizes including $ 2,600 in renewable scholarship money from Columbia College Chicago or $ 250, $ 100, or $ 50 in cash awards from the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

To participate, high school students must create a TikTok video that depicts their media use throughout the day and reflects at least one of the five media literacy practices found on ILMLC.org. The deadline for submitting a video is Friday October 29th. Visit ILMLC.org for more details.

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