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The surgeon general asked to leave Tina Polsky’s office after refusing to wear a mask


Florida’s top public health officer was asked to leave a senator’s office this week after he refused to put on a mask in his office.

It is. Tina Polsky, who was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in August, asked the state surgeon Joseph Ladapo and his two co-legislators to step down after Ladapo refused to grant her request to put on a mask.

“I told him I had a serious illness,” said Polsky, who will begin radiation therapy for cancer next week.

Polsky said Ladapo asked to meet her in Tallahassee this week; he made the rounds and visited several senators who will be asked to approve him at the upcoming session.

Polsky said he offered to go outside when she asked him to put the mask on, but she refused.

“I don’t want to go outside,” said Polsky, she said to Ladapo after he made the offer. “I want you to sit in my office and talk to you.”

Polsky said there had been a bit of a back and forth and then finally asked if there was a reason he couldn’t wear a mask.

“He just smiles and doesn’t answer. He’s very complacent, ”Polsky recalled. “And I said to him several times, ‘I have this very serious illness.’ And he said, ‘That’s fine,’ like it had basically nothing to do with what we’re talking about. “

Finally, Polsky said she asked Ladapo to leave her office, which he agreed to, she said. But the senator said before leaving, Ladapo remarked, “Sometimes, for fun, I try to argue with unreasonable people.”

Weesam Khoury, a health ministry spokesman, confirmed the meeting but said Ladapo had not made the comment.

“DR. Ladapo is eager to meet with members of the legislature regardless of party affiliation to discuss policy even if they disagree on the issue at hand,” Khoury said in an email. “Meetings between high respected and intelligent, elected and appointed officials happen all the time, and it’s disappointing not to hear from them – but it’s probably because they’re only reported when an actual meeting becomes a medium. “Headline from expected from a gossip column. “

Khoury added, misspelling Polsky’s name, that she and Ladapo are “very sad to hear of Sen. Polsky’s latest diagnosis and wish her well.”

Polsky said she was taking every precaution to protect herself from contracting COVID-19. A positive test means a delay in her treatment and she does not want to take any risks.

“I really wanted to interview him. I had a lot of good questions, ”said Polsky. “It was a shame I didn’t do it. But I felt really uncomfortable. “

government Ron DeSantis announced Lapado in mid-September as the new General Surgeon of the state and Head of the Florida Department of Health and praised UCLA Associate Professor David Geffen School of Medicine for having “an excellent background” and “an excellent intellect.”

Like DeSantis, Lapado is a vocal opponent of masking requirements, government closures, and vaccination regulations. In a September 16th Opinion articles For the Wall Street Journal, Lapado criticized “an avid pursuit of wearing masks in public” which, he said, “had at best a modest effect on virus transmission”.

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