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Decision on mRNA vaccine is imminent as new COVID advertisements launch


“We made more than 22 million [AstraZeneca] Vaccines in Australia already. mRNA will be part of our capabilities when we look to the future. “


The President of the Australian Academy of Science and former chairman of the CSL, John Shine, said he was pleased that the state and federal governments are “aggressively adopting this new technology.”

“Australia will be challenged by various tropical viruses in the future because of our unique geographic location and we need to be able to react quickly. And in a geopolitical sense, we have to play a leading role in our region too, ”he said.

Labor industry spokesman Ed Husic criticized the government for being hot on the heels of making mRNA vaccines.

“Three different ministers in charge of mRNA development in this country and all they did was pay $ 6 million in fees to consultants. For the health of the nation and our economy, we need Scott Morrison to join forces in making mRNA vaccines as he announced. “

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Greg Hunt will launch the next phase of the government’s vaccination campaign on Sunday, known as “Spreading Freedom”.

More than 70 percent of the Australian population are over 16 years old now and more than 86.1 percent of the people have received at least one dose, making Australia one of the most vaccinated countries in the world.

The Spread Freedom campaign will highlight the benefits of vaccination, such as: B. Freedom to travel between states and abroad.

Mr Hunt said Australia was well on its way to being one of the highest and last vaccinated countries in the world, while it would also be one of the first countries to also introduce a booster program.

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