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The Uttar Pradesh government’s advertising budget this year is nearly 500 million rupees


This gold treasure, say critics, explains why the UP minister and the state government continue to get “good press”. Criticism of the Prime Minister or the state government is not received too well and the threat of cutting advertising is used as a routine weapon to force the media to give in.

In a recent RTI response to Lucknow-based journalist Umashankar Dubey, the state government confirmed that between April 2020 and March 2021, TV news channels alone were paid Rs 160.31 billion for advertising.

The answer also gave up on the separation. National TV news channels received Rs. 88.68 billion, while regional TV news channels received Rs 71.63 billion during this period. The largest beneficiary was the Network18 group, which received 28.82 billion rupees, closely followed by the Zee Media Group with 23.48 billion rupees and the ABP group with 18.19 billion rupees. India Today Group received Rs 10.64 billion during that period, so no prizes to guess why viewers and readers see or read overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Sources from the state’s information and advertising department confirm, subject to anonymity, that advertising spending by the Yogi government has increased by almost 50 percent. Radio is also an important advertising medium for the state government. “Naya Bharat Ka Naya Uttar Pradesh” is the latest campaign that the state government has started and is starting the campaign, they said.


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