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CNBC: Conservative Group Will Run Ads Targeting CEOs Of Woke Companies | Video


CNBC’s Eamon Javers reports that a conservative group called Consumers’ Research is launching an advertising campaign aimed at getting companies to rethink their political positions by treating CEOs like politicians.

The ads, aimed at the CEOs of American Airlines, Coca Cola and Nike, are reportedly broadcast on CNBC, FOX Business Network and local channels where the companies are headquartered. Consumers’ Research has not disclosed who is funding the campaign.

Will Hild, a leader of the group, said, “They have increasingly taken positions on legislation that is unrelated to their business. At the same time, the quality of their products and services has declined. I have let the ball out of my sight.”

“These feel a lot like political campaign ads,” CNBC’s Javers reported. “You are going to criticize the American Airline CEO … for his high pay at a time of layoffs and taxpayers bailouts. You’re going to target the CEO of Coca-Cola for obesity in America. You will criticize Nike CEO for allegations of forced labor in China. “

“This group is trying to turn the debate around or at least think differently for some of these CEOs about pushback from the right, as opposed to criticism they might get from the left for failing to act. CEOs are very caught. “Right in the middle of here.”

Why is @AmericanAir appeasing radical politicians?

In order to benefit from the over 10 million

We make them known: https://t.co/L3M3MCYMyk pic.twitter.com/p73M42fRZO

– Consumer Research (@ConsumersFirst) May 18, 2021

Why is @CocaColaCo attacking Georgia’s electoral law?

To distract from the fact that their products are poisoning America’s youth and worsening the obesity epidemic.

We make them known: https://t.co/L3M3MCYMyk pic.twitter.com/gSYeexWMk5

– Consumer Research (@ConsumersFirst) May 18, 2021


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