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This is fake news: Joe Rogan gets CNN’s chief correspondent to admit that CNN lied about ivermectin


C.NN this year claimed that talk show host Joe Rogan injected himself with horse deworming after contracting the coronavirus.

It was a lie. Not a false statement or exaggeration, but an outright lie. Rogan did nothing of the sort. Instead, he took the human version of ivermectin as prescribed by his doctor.

It is a perfectly normal and safe drug that is taken literally by billions of people. But night after night, CNN told its viewers that Rogan had swallowed cattle paste.

This week Rogan had the opportunity to confront Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, about the cable network’s dishonest reporting. Gupta finally admitted in the interview that CNN clearly said things that weren’t true.

“Don’t you think that lying like that on a news channel is dangerous when you know you know you are lying?” Rogan asked his guest. “You know they know I took medicine.”

He asked a second time, “Do you think this is a problem your messaging network is lying?”

“What did you say?” asked Gupta.

Rogan said, “You lied that I was using dewormers for horses.”

Gupta then tried to change the subject, but Rogan wouldn’t let her. He was determined to give the CNN host a response to his network’s coverage.

“Do you mind that the news station you work for lied through and through, just lied outright that I take horse dewormers?” He asked.

Gupta admitted, “They shouldn’t have said that. Why did you do that? I do not know.”

“You did not ask?” said a somewhat shocked Rogan. “You’re the medic over there!”

“I didn’t ask,” Gupta confessed. “I should have asked before I got on your podcast.”

As of this writing, over 3.8 million people have viewed the above clip, which was uploaded to Twitter by a user with just 278 followers. That 3.8 million figure just makes up this particular clip by the way – it doesn’t contain metrics for versions of the same exchange shared by other social media users. CNN’s marquee prime-time programming doesn’t come close to such numbers, which could give an indication of why the network was so keen to portray popular independent hosts like Rogan as unreliable and frankly dangerous sources of information.

Rogan is not exaggerating when he accuses CNN of outrageous misconduct. Almost every talking head on the network has made it their business to spread the lie that they injected “horse wormer”.

Joe Rogan, said host Anderson Cooper, “acknowledges that he has administered a controversial treatment for animals”.

Brian Stelter, moderator of Reliable Sources, said, “But when you have a horse deworming drug that is advised against by the government, which actually leads to some people in this crazy environment actually trying to try it. That’s the downside we’re stuck with characters like Joe Rogan. ”

“People took that [horse dewormer]”Said host Boris Sanchez,” who tried to treat COVID but it resulted in many people being poisoned … and yet celebrities like Joe Rogan have spoken about ingesting it. ”

CNN’s Jim Acosta said elsewhere, “And podcast host Joe Rogan has COVID. He says he takes the livestock worming drug ivermectin and other treatments that people talk about on the internet and so on. ”

This week Rogan had the chance to confront a CNN presenter about the network’s coverage.

“You’re probably the only one on CNN who’s happy [I’ve recovered]”Joked Rogan. “The rest of them all lie about me taking horse medication.”

“That bothered you,” said the CNN correspondent.

“That should bother you too,” Rogan replied. “You lie in your network about people taking human medicines instead of medicines for veterinarians.”

Gupta said, “Calling it ‘horse wormer’ is not exactly flattering, I understand.”

Rogan has pushed back the idea that it is just “unflattering” to say that he took “horse wormer”.

“It’s a lie,” he claimed. “It’s a lie on a news channel. And it’s a lie that they are aware of. It is not a mistake. They frame it unfavorably as veterinary medicine. ”

He added, “My point is, you work for a news agency. If you lie about a comedian who takes horse medication, what are you telling us about Russia? What are they telling us about Syria? Do you understand why this is why people worry about the truth of the news? ”

Gupta later penned a 1,600-word article detailing his experience with Rogan’s program. The article doesn’t even mention admitting that his CNN colleagues have openly and knowingly lied about Rogan.

Anyway, now that CNN’s chief medical adviser has admitted the network was spreading fake news about Rogan and “horse worming”, we should expect apologies and withdrawals any minute now … right?


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