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Doug Ford’s PCs are launching pre-election ads, with NDP and Liberals to follow soon


Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford’s party is kicking off a pre-election commercial with campaign-style spots targeting his opponents and promoting the Progressive Conservatives as “the only party looking to the future.”

The opposition New Democrats and Liberals will also start their own advertising campaigns in the coming days.

The spate of new political advertisements means that Ontario voters are previewing and hearing how the parties will compete for votes in the provincial elections scheduled for June 2, 2022.

“Politicians are known to find reasons to say no. I am not,” said Ford in a new radio spot that he himself voiced.

“We are the party that says yes,” continues Ford. “Yes, building highways that you can drive on so you don’t get stuck in traffic jams. Yes, to build houses that more families can afford. We are the only party looking to the future and we are ready to build. ”

A still from an Ontario New Democratic Party video ad addressed to liberal leader Steven Del Duca ahead of the June 2022 provincial elections. (Ontario NDP advertisement)

The Progressive Conservatives also air commercials criticizing Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca, saying Ontario “crumbled” during his tenure as cabinet minister in the Wynne administration.

“Do you remember life under Kathleen Wynne?” says the PC party advertisement. “Steven Del Duca wants us back. He was Wynne’s right-hand man when they shot up your water bills, sold Hydro One while Liberal insiders got rich.”

Ontario political parties can spend as much money as they want on advertising over the next few weeks.

The provincial campaign finance law prohibits any political party from spending more than $ 1 million on advertising in the six months prior to the official start of a general election campaign. This restriction won’t take effect until early November as the campaign period officially begins early next May.

Another PC radio commercial targets New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath says her party’s upcoming advertising campaign will show the difference between Doug Ford’s progressive conservative government and what a new democratic government would bring to Ontario. (Patrick Doyle / Canadian Press)

“Andrea Horwath is a politician who says one thing and does the other,” says the ad. “She says she stands by the workers, but supports the bureaucratic burden that is killing jobs. She talks about how expensive everything is, but plans to raise your taxes.”

Ontario NDP officials say the party has already picked up some ads and is ready to post them in the coming days.

“We will show the Ontarians very clearly the difference between a conservative government and what they have brought to Ontario and what an NDP government could bring,” Horwath told reporters on Tuesday at Queen’s Park.

The NDP produced two video ads over the summer, one of which was aimed at Del Duca, with a line of attack now echoing on PC radio spots.

“You may not remember his name, but you will never forget his record as Kathleen Wynne’s right-hand man,” read the NDP video ad. “Together … to shoot your hydropower bill through the roof.

Steven Del Duca won the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party at a convention in Mississauga on March 7, 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic closed major gatherings in the province. (Frank Gunn / Canadian Press)

Del Duca spent most of his tenure in Wynne’s cabinet as Secretary of Transportation and also served as Minister of Economic Development for a few months before losing his Vaughan seat in the decimation of the Ontario Liberals in the 2018 election.

“Having the opportunity to remind Ontarians of Mr. Del Duca’s record when his team was in government is the appropriate course of action,” Horwath said Tuesday.

The PCs say Del Duca’s tenure as a member of Wynne’s government is a natural target for their promotion.

“It is important to constantly compare the different perspectives and track records of political leaders. In our democracy this is a healthy thing,” said Education Minister Stephen Lecce on Tuesday in Queen’s Park.

The Ontario Liberal Party’s promotion in the coming weeks “will be forward-looking, it will be positive, it will be idea-based,” Del Duca said Tuesday. “It won’t be full of personal attacks against other political leaders.”

The Ontario political parties’ fall advertising flash comes as restrictions on their advertising spend come into effect in early November, six months before the official start of the 2022 election campaign. (Chris Young / The Canadian Press)

He said the ads would “give people a compelling and understandable reason to support the Ontario Liberals in the next election campaign.”

In a number of previous Ontario elections, the Liberals benefited from major offensive advertising campaigns by union-funded organizations targeting PC leaders. For the 2022 campaign, such organizations will be restricted by stricter spending limits from the Ford government.

Although these new boundaries were overturned in June by an Ontario Supreme Court judge, the Ford government relied on the divergent clause of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to override that court ruling and the rules leading up to the 2022 election To put strength.


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