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Marco Rubio warns of a “terrorist threat” on the Mexican border


US Sen. Marco Rubio reinforced its messages on the security situation at the US-Mexico border, calling it a “terrorist threat” on Tuesday.

“President Biden is failing,” said Rubio. “Every day we see pictures of the crisis on our southern border. Refugee camps, human trafficking, COVID-19 outbreaks and overwhelmed and inadequately supported border guards. “

“What we can’t see is terrorists who hate America taking advantage of chaos. The Biden government can no longer ignore the very real terrorist threat. It is time for President Biden to take the necessary steps to protect our nation and secure our southern border.

The former head of the US border protection agency quoted the “terrorist threat“In a recent interview, which apparently prompted Rubios to use the phrase to fuel a well-known complaint line.

In a media release accompanying the statement, Rubio noted that the Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas had not answered any open questions from August. The Senator wanted to know what specific steps the DHS had taken to secure the border in the midst of a summer surge of immigration.

In addition, Rubio wanted a “written secret report detailing the number of people found on the southern border with ties to designated foreign terrorist organizations” within 120 days.

Rubio, like most Republicans who grumble about Biden’s border policy, has made a number of harsh replies over the past few months as the White House continues to deviate from Trump-era restrictions.

Late last month, the Senator accused Biden of “Curls“Haitians are crossing the border.

“We could spend an hour here talking about the cascade of disasters and calamities that have all been brought about by this government, their incompetence and the wrong decisions they have made,” Senator said a friendly interlocutor in September.

Rubio’s excitement about the porous border matches the mood of state officials who say that problems at the border are avoidable. “created crisis“Created by the White House.

“If they stop catching and releasing and reintroduce ‘stay in Mexico’ and finish building the border wall, guess what, (the) crisis will be over. People will even stop coming because they know they can’t, ”DeSantis continued Fox News last week.

The state has Number of actions in the last few days to counter the federal border policy. government Ron DeSantis Issue an executive order prohibiting government agencies from facilitating illegal immigration. DeSantis and Attorney General Ashley Moody also announced that Florida has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s “catch and release” policy.

Rubio’s Senate colleague from Florida, Rick ScottIn his own denunciations of Biden’s border policy, he was unrestrained and accused “wild cartels“For flooding Florida with deadly fentanyl.

With no change expected in Biden’s border policy, expect the tough talks of the troubled Republicans to continue, albeit in the short term with little tangible effects.

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